I'm mid-sized with DDD boobs – I hate wearing bras, but I have to because I need support | The Sun

A TIKTOK influencer has told her followers that she hates wearing bras but has no other choice as she needs the support.

Busty influencer Emma Bocciaa posted a clip to TikTok, joking about the bra struggles she faces with her huge DDD boobs.

Shared with her 18.8k followers, she captioned the video “no hate to the big bitty queens that don’t wear bras, I personally just hate how it makes my posture lol”.

The TikTok shows the 20-year-old pretending to have a conversation with an A-cup friend while saying: “man I HATE bras”.

Emma then jumps into the character of the smaller chested friend and replies: “then just don’t wear one”.

She ends the video which uses the popular track Cool Kids by Echosmith, by looking down sarcastically at her chest while lip syncing the lyrics “I wish that I could be like the cool kids”. 


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The video has since racked up 308k likes and over 1300 comments from sympathetic followers.

One user wrote: “I’m a G cup so I feel your pain”

Another replied: “34H here, and I can 100% relate to this”.

However, not all of Emma’s followers could relate and some showed their envy towards the influencer's jaw dropping bra size.

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One girl commented: “Must be nice, I don’t have any”

Another said: “Ur the cool kid”

A third joked: “Look ladies… just remember that everyone has sometimes the good Lord make y’all so perfect he takes one thing away to keep you humble”.

Meanwhile a plus-sized influencer took to TikTok to tell fans how she doesn’t listen to people who say she has a huge chest, despite being a size 42K.

Known by her followers as ToKyo, she states in a viral clip that she knows her boobs are “huge” and doesn’t need people to tell her. 

Fans were impressed by the influencer's honesty when addressing the questions about her chest.

One person wrote: "See, I like ladies that are simple and straightforward, answered all the questions without trying to be sarcastic. Thank you!"

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