Is James Hewitt Prince Harry’s dad? Hair expert reveals PROOF

The bizarre claims that Princess Diana’s lover is Prince Harry’s dad could knocked on its head – by their ginger hair.

The very locks that sparked the theory in the first place may actually prove they are not father and son.

Daily Star Online has enlisted an expert in hair loss to studied Harry’s fading crown and compare it with James Hewitt’s.

We called in the expert after Harry and Meghan Markle’s baby was revealed to be ginger – yet again sparking the long-running Hewitt claims.

And we repeatedly stated how Diana did not meet army captain Hewitt until after Harry was even born.

But now expert Spencer Stevenson, founder of hair loss advisers Spex Hair, has finished studying Harry and Hewitt’s fading crowns and come up with a conclusion.

He detailed to Daily Star Online how Harry and Hewitt have completely different hair loss patterns – with Harry’s locks fading from the top, and Hewitt from the front.

Spencer told how Harry could already be bald within the next two years as his fading hair speeds up, while Hewitt – at 61-years-old – still has a pretty much full head of hair.

He said: “Harry’s hair loss pattern and James Hewitt is a very different pattern of loss.

“Harry certainly follows his brother William and Prince Charles’s patterns, whereby a sign of early MPB (Male Pattern Baldness) commenced in the crown region and from there moved forward while an overall diffuse thinning has (also) occurred all at once.

“This is a classic and aggressive pattern of loss. It’s safe to say Harry has copied the immediate royals in his family and not James Hewitt’s minor loss.”

The finding that Harry’s hair loss follows Wills and Charles’ should finally put an end to the nonsense theory that Hewitt is his dad.

But with Archie now appearing to sport ginger hair, it’s likely this will only fuel the wild claim by conspiracy theorists for many more years to come.

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