Jacob Blake was shot less than three minutes after police arrival

Jacob Blake was shot in the back by a Wisconsin cop less than three minutes after the first officer arrived at the scene in response to a domestic call from a woman about him, according to a report about the timeline of the incident.

The chain of events Sunday began after a neighbor saw the 29-year-old barbecuing outside his apartment on 40th Street in Kenosha sometime before 5 p.m., the Journal Sentinel reported.

5:11 p.m. – Police responded to Blake’s address for a complaint about “family trouble,” according to the outlet, which used police radio calls, video and witness accounts to compile the timeline.

A dispatcher told officers that a woman reported Blake “isn’t supposed to be there and he took the complainant’s keys and is refusing to give them back.”

The cops also were advised that there was an alert for a person wanted for some reason at that address. Blake had a warrant issued for his arrest stemming from a domestic incident in May, the paper reported.

5:12:07 p.m. – An officer told the dispatcher that he was close to the scene.

5:13:47 p.m. – An officer asked for a description of the suspect and the dispatcher said the woman reported that Blake was trying to leave and that she was becoming uncooperative. The officer said he arrived at the address.

5:14:28 p.m. – A second officer arrived.

5:15:37 p.m. – A third cop urgently called for additional units. The dispatcher sent three more squads. Around this time, a bystander shot video of Blake and two officers engaged in a struggle on the passenger side of his vehicle.

A neighbor across the street shot the now-viral video showing three officers — two male and one female — following Blake with their guns drawn as he walked from the sidewalk around the front of the vehicle.

The two male officers followed Blake closely as he opened the driver’s side door and tried to get inside.

An officer — later identified as Rusten Sheskey — grabbed his shirt and shot him seven times in the back at close range.

5:15:50 p.m. – An officer reported “shots fired!” Another cop asked the dispatcher to switch the frequency to a restricted channel so the public can’t hear. “We need rescue ASAP!” one officer said.

5:18 p.m. – The dispatcher said Kenosha County Sheriff’s deputies were en route and that the State Patrol was being notified.

8:03 p.m. – Police released a brief statement saying Blake, whom they did not identify, was in serious condition at Froedtert Hospital in Wauwatosa.

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