Jigsaw-crazy OAP, 74, completes over 8,000 puzzles — handling 15m individual pieces

A JIGSAW-crazy pensioner reckons he has done a record 8,000 puzzles — handling 15million pieces.

Chris Coles, 74, spends about ten hours a day building them for charity shops to check that no bits are missing.

The retired lorry driver took up the full-time hobby when he was recuperating from a heart bypass in 1997.

He said: “I have completed every kind of jigsaw. I’ve done wooden puzzles, 3D puzzles — which hurt your eyes — and floor puzzles.

“The most pieces I’ve done is only 3,000 – you don’t tend to get the bigger puzzles handed in.”

There are usually about 30 waiting at his home in Babbacombe, Devon.

The dad of two does them for three charity shops, which put a “Checked by Chris” sticker on them.

He said: “If I notice a bit missing it will go straight in the recycling bin — nobody wants a jigsaw with a piece missing.”

Chris manages about three a day and his favourites are called Wasgij — jigsaw backwards — which do not have a picture on the box.

He went on: “Once they’ve been sold, they can end up back there again, so I have to check them all over again.

“The most I have checked a puzzle is ten times. Not long ago I checked one that had a Checked by Chris sticker on it from 2003. But it’s really satisfying when they’re done.”

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