Kamala Harris nearly falls down stairs as she's escorted into Biden's inauguration by husband Doug Emhoff

KAMALA Harris nearly fell down the stairs as she was escorted into Joe Biden's inauguration by her husband Doug Emhoff.

The vice president appeared to trip on her way to the ceremony as she moved down the last step at the Capitol.

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Video shows Ms Harris confidently stepping down the stairs with her husband Doug before taking a little stumble.

Her foot appears to slip down the step which catches on her heel – sending her briefly lurching forward.

Kamala managed to steady herself however, and carry on – raising her hand as she appeared to assure those nearby that she was fine.

The incoming VP however did look slightly nervous as she narrowly averted what could have been a rather nasty and embarrassing blunder before she take offices.

Several beady-eyed viewers appeared to catch the mishap and took to social media.

"Someone throw Kamala’s shoe away. She almost trip down the stairs" one Twitter user wrote.

Another added: "kamala don’t think i didn’t jus watch u trip over ur step in the inauguration live stream. i saw it."

Others said "we need the step that made Kamala trip taken out" and "nice save on that almost trip, Kamala".

"I’m so glad Kamala Harris caught herself from that lil trip down the stairs lol," another wrote.

And one added: "That little trip of Kamala’s and her relieved reaction of making it to the bottom of the stairs broke me."

Ms Harris has made history as she is the the first woman, and woman of color, to be serve as Vice President.

She will be next in line to the Presidency should anything happen to Joe Biden over the next four years.

She was an American attorney and politician who was currently serving as the junior US Senator for California since 2017.

The 55-year-old was born in Oakland, California, and had severed as a prosecutor in the state.

Harris was revealed as Democrat Biden's pick for the 2020 US Presidential race on August 11, 2020, making history as the first black woman in the role.

The Californian previously intended to run for POTUS, but withdrew prior to the primaries.

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