Laval cemetery offers chance for humans to get buried with their pets

They love you unequivocally, they don’t judge, and they are always happy to see you. Humans’ love for their pets run deep, and losing them can prove devastating.

“It’s awful, just awful, the worst,” said pet owner Sarah Ivory, who lost her dog Dudley in September. “There is some emptiness, there is a hole in the house, there is nothing to do, no one to make you go walking. It’s just different,” she said.

Ivory buried Dudley’s ashes at her lakeside cottage home.

What she didn’t realize is that there is now an alternative. A cemetery in Laval has opened a section called Masters and Companions — where humans can be buried right alongside their pets.

“We have a plot where you can be buried with your animals,” said Benoit Poirier, whose family owns the Laval Cemetery and the Magnus Poirier funeral complexes. “So one or the other goes in first, and then you can rejoin your animal when it passes the time.”

Poirier explains the cemetery first opened a section for cremated pets back in 2012. But demand started growing for pet burials, where the animal didn’t need to be cremated.

“People want to bury because in their religion or mind it’s better to do,” Poirier said.

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