Leaked document shows Russia’s ‘petrified Putin about to face huge rebellion’

A highly classified letter from the Russian Army’s Chief of the General Staff, Valery Gerasimov has revealed severe concern about a full-blown insurrection headed by elite Airborne Troops (VDV) against the Vladimir Putin’s government.

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The memo reads: “To Commanders of the Military Groupings in the zone of the Special Military Operation

“In connection with the recorded cases of formation of negative socio-political views and attitudes among the personnel of airborne troops, involvement in activities aimed at discrediting the Armed Forces, reduction of controllability of units and military discipline, disruption of the performance of ordered tasks, I order:

“Assess moral-political and psychological state of the personnel of military units and subdivisions of airborne troops in the zone of the Special Military Operation; Organize work to prevent and neutralize the influence of negative information on the personnel of military units and subdivisions of airborne troops;

“In cooperation with the military counterintelligence agencies of the Federal Security Service, to conduct covert inspections of the officers of military units and subdivisions of the airborne troops to determine their attitude toward the actions of the political leadership of the Russian Federation, the leadership of the Armed Forces, and to identify the categories of persons most susceptible to negative information;

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“Take special control over the movements of commanders of formations and military units of airborne troops outside the area of combat missions of their formations and military units.

“Remain on standby to report on the fulfillment of the said activities upon further instruction.”

According to British intelligence, approximately half of the highly competent detachment of 30,000 Russian paratroopers dispatched to Ukraine may have died or been injured.

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According to the UK Ministry of Defence’s most current assessment of the fight, this information arose as a result of an unofficial revelation about the scale of the losses suffered by the paratrooper battalion.

The MoD briefing noted: “The annual celebrations of Russia’s Airborne Forces (VDV) Day on 2 August 2023 have been overshadowed by an apparently unsanctioned disclosure of the scope of the casualties the elite force has suffered in Ukraine,

“In a recorded address for VDV Day, the VDV’s Commander-in-Chief General Colonel Mikhail Teplinsky said that 8500 paratroopers had been wounded and later returned to duty or had refused to leave the front line at all.”

The MoD added that the clip was then “quickly deleted from the Russian MoD’s official channels”.

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