Lottery winner stabbed in face 7 times by partner jealous of her £5.5m riches

A National Lottery winner was stabbed in the face multiple times by her jealous boyfriend when she dumped him.

Stephen Gibbs, 45, raged in anger when Emma Brown told him their relationship was over, after he accused her of cheating on him on January 30 this year.

The thug, who previously stabbed a child in 2005, slashed Ms Brown's face with a knife seven times, broke her arm, nose and left her for dead in a pool of blood at their luxury South Wales home, Wales Online reports.

Believing he just murdered his partner who pocketed £5.5 million from the Lottery win in 2017, Gibbs drove away from their £700,000 Barry property and attempted to kill himself with tablets.

A judge jailed him for 18 years after he admitted her attempted murder.

A sentencing hearing at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court on Monday heard Gibbs was unable to deal with the fact Ms Brown had become financially independent.

Describing the relationship prosecutor Ieuan Bennett said: "The dynamics were changed permanently in 2017 when she had the good fortune of winning the National Lottery and won a considerable amount of money. That meant she became financially independent of the defendant.

"The house they were living in at the time of the offence was owned by her. She owned a number of properties in the area and she was clearly, in terms of her finances, well off at the time.

"Because that had altered the nature of the balance of their relationship this caused arguments between the two of them."

The court heard Ms Brown had let a property to old school friend Scott McKenzie who Gibbs became jealous of and accused her of sleeping with.

On January 7 Ms Brown was at Mr McKenzie's home when the defendant turned up and threatened to cut his throat. It also later transpired that Gibbs had fitted a tracker to Ms Brown's Mercedes car and had been recording her movements.

On January 30 Ms Brown had visited a friend's house to deliver a birthday card but when she returned to her home Gibbs again accused her of going to see Mr McKenzie. She denied this but informed him their relationship was over.

Gibbs immediately lost his temper and grabbed the victim by the throat, pushed her about violently, and slammed her into the wall of the house, which caused her arm to break. The defendant then put his arm around her neck in a chokehold.

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Ms Brown managed to escape and ran outside but Gibbs dragged her back into the house, went to the kitchen, and grabbed a large knife with a blade measuring between eight and nine centimetres. He stood over Ms Brown and told her he was going to cut his own throat.

But when she tried to grab the knife off of him the defendant turned his anger towards her. She fell to the floor on the patio outside and remembered seeing the blade going into her her face near her eye. She told Gibbs: "Please don't, you're hurting me" but she was losing consciousness due to blood loss and told the defendant: "Tell my mother I love her".

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Ms Brown was discovered lying in her own blood by a neighbour who heard her groaning.

The defendant told friends and family he had stabbed Ms Brown in the face and said: "I think I've killed her."

Having survived his suicide attempt, Gibbs pleaded guilty to attempted murder and was jailed for 18 years.

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