Macaulay Culkin backs ‘ridiculous’ bid to cut Trump’s cameo from Home Alone 2

HOME Alone star Macauley Culkin has backed calls to cut Donald Trump from the iconic movie's 1992 sequel over the president's alleged incitement of the US Capitol riots.

Trump had a cameo in Home Alone 2, where Culkin's Kevin McAllister asks Trump, "where the lobby is" and he replies, "Down the hall and to the left".

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The scene was filmed inside the Plaza Hotel in New York.

Some fans are now calling for the outgoing president to be removed from the film, with Culkin throwing his support behind the bid on Twitter.

One social media user suggested a "petition to digitally replace trump in ‘Home Alone 2’ with 40-year-old Macaulay Culkin," to which Culkin replied, "Sold".

Another Twitter user @maxschramp, took on the editing task and removed Trump from the clip so Culkin's Kevin appears to ask himself out loud where the lobby is.

Culkin commented on the viral post, which received more than 17k retweets and 101k likes, simply writing: "Bravo".

There have been previous calls to remove Trump from the film but momentum has been growing since the deadly siege on Capitol Hill last week. Five people were killed when rioters stormed the building.

The 45th President of the United States has been accused of inciting his supporters to launch the attack after he told them to "fight like hell" at one of his rally's earlier that morning.

Kevin Broberg started a petition in November, asking Disney to not only remove Trump from the film, but replace him with President-Elect Joe Biden.

"Home Alone 2 is tarnished. It has a racist stain on it in the shape of Donald J Trump. I petition that he be edited out of the film and replaced with Joe Biden," Broberg said.

"Nothing ruins holiday cheer like a sexist, xenophobic, race-baiting bigot. For the sake of future generations, Trump must be replaced."

The petition has garnered little traction with just over 200 signatures so far.

However, Trump's cameo was cut in one instance from the Canadian version broadcast on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation last year.

Trump Jr. described the move as "pathetic", while his father put it down to politics.

 "I guess Justin Trudeau doesn’t much like my making him pay up on NATO or Trade! The movie will never be the same! (just kidding)," Trump tweeted at the time.

CBC executive Chuck Thompson later claimed the cameo was "edited for time" and that version had aired on CBC since 2014.

"I unequivocally condemn the violence that we saw last week," Trump said. "Violence and vandalism have absolutely no place in our country and no place in our movement."

"Making America great again has always been about defending the rule of law, supporting the men and women of law enforcement and upholding our nation's most sacred traditions and values.

"Mob violence goes against everything I believe in and everything our movement stands for.

"No true supporter of mine could ever endorse political violence," he added.

Earlier in the day, Trump released another message urging peace in the days leading up to the transition of power, as Joe Biden's administration prepares to move in.

The outgoing president issued both statements through the White House after being blocked from several social media outlets last week.

Earlier this week, the FBI received reports of an armed group who are planning to travel to Washington, DC, on January 16.

The group has reportedly warned that "if Congress attempts to remove Potus via the 25th Amendment, a huge uprising will occur."

The bulletin also detailed that armed protests are being planned in all 50 state Capitols, with protests at the US Capitol reportedly planned from January 17 through January 20.

Trump's message of peace comes after the House voted 232 to 197 to impeach him again, on the grounds that he played a role in inciting last week's riots.

Trump faces a charge of inciting insurrection following his January 6 speech where he told rally-goers in Washington, DC, to march to Congress and "fight like hell."

Proceedings are expected to continue on January 19, when the Senate is set to meet next.

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