Man thinks he’s going on date with Snapchat gal pal, gets beaten by 3 thieves instead

A 22-year-old man’s romantic ambitions were dashed when he answered a Snapchat overture from a woman he knew and was instead met by three guys who beat and robbed him, police said Friday.

The victim made plans on the social media app to get together with the woman around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday behind a building on 84th Street near 155th Avenue in Howard Beach, officials said.

But when he showed up, he was instead met by three men, who punched him in the face and demanded his car keys and cell phone, police said.

They then forced him into his car, where two suspects sat with him in the back seat while the third suspect drove him to a Chase Bank a few blocks away on 82nd Street, cops said.

When they arrived at the bank, the trio ordered the victim to go into the ATM vestibule and withdraw thousands of dollars — but when the man went into the bank, the door locked behind him, preventing the three thieves from joining him inside, cops said.

Video released by police shows one of the bumbling crooks letting the door close, locking himself and the others outside.

The victim, who did not have his cell phone with him at the time, eventually opened the door and gave the suspects $300 — the ATM withdrawal limit, cops said.

The trio locked the man’s cell phone in the trunk of his car and fled, cops said.

His attackers are still on the loose.

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