Man threatens to kill mum after he’s asked to clean the toilet

A man grabbed his mother around the throat and told her to 'write her own will' after she asked him to clean the toilet, a court heard.

Adebanjo Adeyemi, 26, admitted two counts of assault by beating and two counts of criminal damage after going on a “rampage” over who should do the housework.

Adeyemi was adamant his sister should do it – because she "left it in that state" before grabbing his mum by the throat and throwing a TV.

Bromley Magistrates’ Court heard he told his mother Florence Ikwueme: “I will kill you, I have told you I will kill you.

“Before I kill you go and write your will.”

He also picked up a television and smashed it into a mirror at his sister’s home during the incident last August in Thamesmead, south east London.

Prosecutor Sudara Weerasena said: “His mother asked him to clean the toilet and the situation escalated.

“He said it was his sister’s fault it was in the state it was, and he has then gone on to make threats towards his mother.

“She says his muscles were tensing and he was shouting at her. She asked him to leave and she tried to reason with him.

“He has replied ‘you are not fit to be a mother. Before I kill you go and write your will’.”

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The court heard Ms Ikwueme moved into the bedroom and his sister Adeolu Adeyemi became involved in the argument.

Ms Weerasena added: “He said to his mother ‘I told you I’m going to kill you when you sleep, I’m going to strangle you.’

"He has then grabbed her by the throat and she batted him away.”

Ms Ikwueme asked Miss Adeyemi to call the police and Adeyemi “ripped the television from the wall and smashed it into the mirror”.

He then raised it above his head and said ‘I’m going to hit you’ before bringing it down “with force” in his mother’s direction.

Ms Weerasena said: “Fortunately his mother is able to dodge the TV and it doesn’t actually make contact with her.

“The words she used to describe this is ‘on a rampage’. He has struck his sister several times and his mother goes to the balcony with his sister.”

As his sister made a phone call to 999, Adeyemi hurled her phone off the balcony onto the ground below.

The sound of the phone smashing on the concrete can be heard on the recording of the call, it was said.

Adeyemi then told the pair: “Get a security guard, I will come back and kill you”.

In a statement Ms Ikwueme said: “I just want him out of my life and for him to sort himself out. I want a restraining order so I don't have to see him again.”

Miss Adeyemi said: “I have been stressed as a result and suffering paranoia he will show up and do these things again, like attacking me and my mum and ruining things in my house.

“I’m now extra cautious making sure doors are locked. I have had nightmares about him acting that way again.

"Our relationship is rocky and unstable and uncertain. I felt like had to walk on eggshells around him."

She added: “Our relationship has always been bad as there have been incidents when he has gone on a rampage and hit me before, it has been particularly bad over the last few years.

"Due to his behaviour that day I was scared what he might do to us.”

Adeyemi, of Gravesend, Kent, was bailed for a pre-sentence report to be prepared and will be sentenced on March 3.

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