Man walking his dog shot and killed by gunman with rifle in Harlem

Winston McKay
A Manhattan man walking his dog on a street near his Harlem apartment was shot in the leg by a gunman with a rifle and later died of the wound, law-enforcement sources said.

Winston McKay, 40, was walking his dog Milton at about 2:20 a.m. Monday near Amsterdam Avenue and West 146th Street when he was hit by the rifle shot in the right leg, the sources said.

McKay, still holding his dog’s leash, fell face down after he was shot and cried for help. He lost blood until first responders arrived and put a tourniquet on his leg, police sources said.

He was rushed to Harlem Hospital and declared dead a short time later. The shooter is still at large.

McKay had been celebrating his anniversary with husband Terry Solomon at a park in the neighborhood on Sunday before the shooting.

“We met 18 years ago on that day, so it was more like a late birthday party, anniversary party thing,” Solomon said early Wednesday from his Harlem apartment, about four blocks from the scene of the shooting

Solomon, who bought the dog for Winston, added that he believed his husband was an innocent bystander who was mistakenly shot.

“This man didn’t bother anybody,” Solomon said.

“He was walking by and just a casualty — walking and he got hit,” he added. “Winston was a lover of animals and a lover of babies.”

“Winston was a quiet guy. He didn’t bother anybody. Anyone you ask about him — he’s a sweetheart,” Solomon added.

“He’s not a confrontational guy. He was the person who was like … I’m not in for the drama” he said.

Police sources said McKay was not the victim of a robbery and did not get into an altercation immediately before he was shot.

Cops were investigating if he was an unintended target.

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