Meghan Markle’s new book slammed as ‘not suitable for kids’ by Harry biographer

Meghan Markle has been criticised by royal biographer for putting a "dull" cover on her debut picture book with a story that is "not suitable for children".

The Duchess of Sussex is set to release her first children's book The Bench, which shares relationships between fathers and sons from all walks of life.

Royal author Angela Levin, who wrote Harry: A Biography of a Prince, shared her thoughts on the new book as she appeared on True Royalty TV's The Royal Beat.

She told the hosts: "Children's books are directed at children. They like elephants, they like nasty tigers.

"They do not want a lecture about how different your relationship is with your father, whatever level of society you are at.

"I mean this is the sort of book for adults, not for children. Children are not interested in being told all of that. Also, it is a very dull cover."

During the programme, another guest, former BBC royal correspondent Wesley Kerr made a comment on Meghan's pen name on the book.

He explained: "Her title is that she is the Duchess of Sussex.

"'Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex' [the pen name Meghan has used for her book] is what a divorced person would use, so that's quite interesting to use that title.

"It is very interesting to see that in their many appearances, their titles are used. When Harry did an appearance [at Vax Live concert] this week – it was Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex."

While the book is set to go on sale on June 8, royal podcast host Ann Gripper guessed the Duchess' new book would be in the genre of "slightly sickly sweet" as compared to other genres like actions and adventures.

Meghan said in a press release that the book "started as a poem" she wrote for Prince Harry on Father's Day, the month after Archie was born and the poem later turned into the story in the book.

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