Monster ‘rapes and tortures wife with machete but SHE is arrested after shooting him with hunting rifle’

COPS arrested a woman for shooting her husband dead after he raped and tortured her with a machete, it is alleged.

Ramazan Ipek, 36, allegedly attacked his wife and threatened to kill her and their children at their home in Antalya, Turkey last week, according to local media reports.

The couple had been married for 12 years and had two children together.

Every time the 31-year-old victim was hospitalised he threatened to kill her if she complained to the police, local media reports.

Ipek threatened to kill his wife and kids, claiming he would "mince" their bodies and "feed them to the dogs".

The 36-year-old hit his wife with his rifle before raping and torturing her, it is alleged .

The victim was handcuffed and struggled to free herself but she managed to point the weapon at the doorway when he entered, it's reported.

"He was angry about something I said and he started to beat me," she said.

"I thought I was going to die and begged him not to kill me.

"I was also terrified for my daughters. He hit me in the face with the butt of his rifle.

"He hit me in the face, in the eyes, on the arm and on the shoulder.

“I was naked, and my hands were handcuffed. He tied me up in a fetal position using nylon rope that he used for hunting.

"He then raped me. While he was doing that, he cut me with a machete on the breasts. He then said he was going to kill all of us when he got back and he left the house," she said.

"I tried everything to free myself, I used a teaspoon and hairpin to try and open the handcuffs and called my daughters, but we could not open it.

“I managed to get the rifle and pointed it at the doorway when he came in.

"I told him not to come in but he attacked me anyway, and during the scuffle, the gun went off and he was shot," she said.

The woman has been arrested and placed in custody.

The investigation remains ongoing.

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