Mother whose son was treated by doctor with coronavirus is terrified

Mother, 28, whose sick eight-month-old son was treated by Sussex doctor who came down with coronavirus says she now fears he and she may BOTH have it

  • Stephanie Adlam took James to Worthing Hospital to have a leg injury treated 
  • But the infant had ‘direct, significant contact’ with an infected doctor there 
  • GP in question had holidayed in France with ‘super-spreader’ Stephen Walsh 
  • Family are on lock-down and only open the door to receive takeaway food 

A mother whose sick eight-month-old son was treated by a Sussex doctor who came down with coronavirus says she now fears he and she may both have it.

Stephanie Adlam is ‘terrified’ for her baby, James, after a doctor with the virus treated her infant for an injured leg.

The 28-year-old mother-of-two is now in a state of panic as she awaits test results on her boy.

She told The Sun that he developed symptoms in Worthing, West Sussex, adding: ‘I have to live every moment wondering if he might die.’

A doctor who spent two days working at Worthing Hospital’s A&E department has tested positive for coronavirus

Ms Adlam was horrified when medics told her that her son had ‘direct, significant contact’ with the infected doctor.

The youngster’s severe symptoms include a high temperature, coughing fits, runny nose and extreme fatigue.

Test results are due tomorrow, when she will discover whether he has a virus that has so far killed 1,710 worldwide.

The mother and her child are holed up in their Worthing flat and are both using masks.

Workers in protective suits inside of the County Oak Medical Centre in Brighton on Monday after a GP at the practice was diagnosed with the deadly virus

She accused Worthing Hospital staff of abandoning her since they identified the risk and told her to ring 111 if their conditions worsen. 

‘The first thing going through my head is that this thing is going to kill me, my son, my ex-partner and daughter,’ she said.

Ms Adlam also slammed senior officials at the hospital for not confirming that the A&E worker had tested positive sooner. 

James, who also has haemophilia, was admitted on February 2 for an internal bleed after he knocked it playing.

During his seven-day stay he came into contact with the GP who was later found to have coronavirus.

An isolation pod is pictured at Eastbourne District General Hospital in Sussex, 20 miles west of Brighton. NHS bosses told all hospitals in England to set up the isolation booths from which people suspected of having coronavirus can speak to specialist medics on the phone while being kept away from the general public in the hospital

Ms Adlam said that one minute they were getting the leg checked and the next they were potential victims of a virus that is killing people worldwide. It was Public Health England who called her at home to inform her she was at risk. 

Paramedics in hazmat suits descended on her home within minutes, taking them in an ambulance for testing.   

Now James and his five-year-old sister, Fran, must have their temperatures checked every two hours. 

Their father, who is Ms Adlam’s former partner, Nick, said the family is in a living hell and totally petrified as nothing seems to ease the symptoms.

They are so cut-off from the outside world that they only open the door to take food deliveries.  

Dr Catriona Saynor (pictured left) works as a locum at County Oak Medical Centre in Brighton, which was shut down this week Steve Walsh, a gas salesman from Hove, was this week revealed to have unknowingly been the source of six out of the UK’s eight coronavirus infections – he and Dr Saynor had been on a family holiday together in France

The GP in question is from Brighton and had holidayed with ‘super-spreader’ Stephen Walsh.

Father-of-two Mr Walsh caught coronavirus in Singapore then unwittingly passed it onto 11 people – including a group of doctors – while skiing in France.

The doctor’s identity is being kept secret. Ms Adlam has urged the government and health bosses to act with more immediacy and get on top of the crisis.

A total of 2,521 people in Britain have been tested for coronavirus, with nine cases confirmed.  


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