Mummy, where do bigots come from?

If science can be used to help understand people’s sexuality (Science may ‘produce an answer’ to being gay, says Brexit party MEP Widdecombe, 3 June) maybe it could also be used to discover what makes some people bigots.
Ian Grieve
Gordon Bennett, Llangollen canal

Waitrose launches packaging-free trial (Report, 4 June). Great, but they are not the first supermarket to do so. We regularly use a similar facility in Morrisons, Guiseley, Leeds.
Gill Brook
Otley, West Yorkshire

I have met Seven Up’s Neil Hughes on a number of occasions through the parish council network in Cumbria (‘I see my life as a failure’, 3 June). He is anything other than a failure; in fact I have the highest regard and respect for him. If for no other reason, it takes huge courage to bare your soul to the nation every seven years.
Mark Phillips
Ambleside, Cumbria

I look forward to the improvement in the police officer’s performance (Improvement plan for trampolining officer, 1 June) and hope he manages to add a couple of twists to his somersaults and point his toes more.
Ian Thompson
Riding Mill, Northumberland

Should Ike Smith’s welding shop be put out of business (Rumblings of disquiet under the arches, 1 June), then I fear for Alf Tupper’s athletic career – perhaps the second longest in history after Wilson of the Wizard – and his diet of fish and chips.
John Bailey
St Albans, Hertfordshire

“I have a theory that people often have similar careers to others born on, or close to, the same day.” Please don’t say that, Patricia Pipe (Letters, 3 June): I share my birthday with Nigel Farage.
Jane Marsh
(Retired charity administrator), London

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