Mum's fury as McDonald's order is dumped in a BUSH by Uber Eats – leaving her to search for it in the rain

A MUM was left fuming after an Uber Eats driver dumped her McDonald's order in a bush – forcing her to forage for her food in the rain.

Jeanette Eriksson-Gray had ordered a pair of Happy Meals for her seven-year-old daughter and a pal but claims they were left empty handed after the driver "refused" to deliver to her correct address.

The 39-year-old says after she confirmed the order, she spotted her account had saved the wrong address.

She contacted her driver to change the drop-off point – which was a minute's drive away – but claims he told her he "didn't get paid to do that" before ditching it in some bushes.

The care manager took her daughter and friend out in the rain to find the £14 meal, but were forced to abandon the tasty tea when they couldn't find a thing.

Jeanette, from Salisbury, Wiltshire, said: "It just happened that I had a McDonald's delivered to my friend's house on the Saturday because we were there with the children and it had saved the delivery address.

"I did message the driver twice to say that was the wrong address even before he picked up the food [from the McDonald's branch] but I didn't get a reply."

She added: "I messaged them straight away as soon as I paid with the right address.

"He [the driver] called and said I hadn't contacted him, I had, and when I tried to explain where I was, he said 'I don't know where that is'.

"It was literally down the road, I could see the road from my house but he wasn't having it. He said 'I don't get paid to do that'."

"The picture of the food in the bush is what the driver sent to me, it was in a random bush.

"I was really upset about it."

Jeannette said she had even drawn a diagram for the driver to show that her road was just a one-minute drive away but when he refused to deliver, she ended up making her own food at home.

"What really got me was when I contacted them, they said I couldn't get a refund because it wasn't their fault," the disgruntled mum explained.

"I said I'd got two children there who were hungry who I then had to get dressed and go out and look for McDonald's, which we never found."

Later that day Jeanette, who doesn't drive, said her friend drove up and down the road to look for the brown paper bag but couldn't find anything.

After complaining on the app, she says she was eventually refunded the money for her food but not the tip she gave the driver when placing her order.

An Uber Eats spokesman has also since apologised that the customer service "was not up to the usual high standards" and confirmed they had refunded Jeanette in full and provided additional Uber Eats credit as a gesture of goodwill.

But Jeannette says she is unlikely to use the app again.

A spokesperson for Uber Eats said: "We are very sorry that this customer service was not up to our usual high standards.

"We have refunded Jeanette in full and provided additional Uber Eats credit as a gesture of good will to cover her tip."

The Sun Online has approached McDonald's for comment.

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