OnlyFans beauty splashes more than £18k at strip club in just one night

An OnlyFans model and YouTuber has flaunted her wealth by splashing out thousands during just one trip to a strip club.

Corinna Kopf, 26, from Illinois, spent a whopping $25,000 at the venue, which is roughly £18.9k, as she bragged "not even mad".

Kopf, who once claimed she had made $1million (£755,000) on the adult pics site in 48 hours, shared images of herself carrying a huge pile of cash in what appears to be $1 bills.

The social media star has nearly 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube where she posts videos about everyday life, fashion and apartments.

But she has not shared a video on YouTube for over a year and apparently does not need to as she now mainly makes her money on OnlyFans, according to German daily Bild.

She has invested in property in Los Angeles and also has a Ferrari F8 Spider – which costs more than £225,000 – in her garage.

Kopf took to Twitter to write "I don't care" as she boasted about spending her thousands at the club. The venue was reportedly full of banknotes flying around on the night in question.

She became famous through the channel of YouTube giant David Dobrik, 25, who boasts a whopping 18.3 million subscribers on the platform. The model also claims to have made $4.2million (£3.17 million) on OnlyFans in a month.

She charges fans $25 (£18) a month to see her saucy content, which includes lingerie photos and “wild” snaps from Las Vegas.

But when the star released her first adult image, she raked in the most cash.

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On Twitter, Corinna previously revealed: “I don’t care what anyone says, I made $165,000 (around £120,000) on just one picture of my boobs.”

The vlogger also uses her money and platform to direct funds to those most in need.

Earlier this year, she posted on Twitter: “Anyone struggling right now, drop your cash app and please don’t be weird.

“Let people who really need get it. I’m talking single mums/dads, people trying to put food on the table, pay bills to get by, etc.”

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