Putin nightmare: Russian tourist accidentally gives away army position with holiday selfie

Ukraine: Russian ammunition depot on fire in Donetsk

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Crimea has been targeted in a series of devastating missile strikes by Kyiv in recent days and weeks. Early in August, Saky airfield was struck in a spectacular attack on the military base. Explosions at the airfield caused panic among Russian holidaymakers and led to an exodus from the peninsula.

Western military analysts later claimed that the Black Sea Fleet had lost half of its airforce in the attack.

Russia has deployed S-400 air defence systems to try and shoot down incoming missiles from Ukraine’s army.

Now a Russian tourist has given a helping hand to Ukraine’s commanders, as they seek to locate and destroy Russia’s air defence weapons.

The Russian tourist posed in his swimming trunks, standing a short distance in front of the S-400 batteries.

He then posted the photo to social media, allowing Ukraine’s army to geolocate his position.

Ukraine’s army chiefs couldn’t help but express their appreciation to the Russian holidaymaker.

They retweeted his photo and wrote: “Maybe we are being too hard on Russian tourists.

“Sometimes they can be really helpful.

“Like this man taking pictures of Russian air defence positions near Yevpatoria, in occupied Crimea.

“Thank you and keep up the good work!.”

A video of a Russian commander being interviewed about S-400 air defence systems in Crimea has created a stir among social media viewers.

The footage was published shortly after Ukraine’s spectacular strike on the Saky airfield.

The Russian officer explains that all anti-aircraft missile units in Crimea have since last year been replaced with S-400 “Triumph” systems.

The commander is filmed talking while standing in front of inflatable S-300 anti-aircraft replicas.

Social media users were quick to send mocking messages to the Russian army.

ChrisO wrote: “Those air defences in #Crimea need less air, more defence.”

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While Walter Report quipped: “The mighty Russian anti-air defences.”

WarMonitor added: “Russian forces are putting inflatable S-300 models around Crimea to pretend they have a layer of air defence.

“This military is probably one of the most corrupt in the world (laughing emojis).”

It comes as Russia’s FSB accused Ukraine of being behind the murder of Darya Dugina.

Russian investigators claimed that Dugina’s murder was prepared and carried out by Ukraine’s special services, who they said travelled to Estonia after the killing.

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