Putin orders hundreds of body doubles to dodge arrest with ‘chief child catcher’

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    Mad Vladimir Putin will use body doubles to dodge an arrest for war crimes.

    The despot has spent years using them for speeches, to hide health woes and dodge assassination.

    But Kremlin insiders say the 70-year-old has ordered hundreds more doubles over “ultra paranoid” fears he could be kidnapped and handed over to officials.

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    It comes after the International Criminal Court said Putin and "chief child catcher" Maria Lvova-Belova were wanted for the deportation of Ukrainian children to Russia during the invasion.

    Lvova-Belova, 38, who serves as Russia's "children's commissioner", boasted in a TV appearance with Putin that she had adopted a 15-year-old Mariupol boy herself.

    The mum-of-23 received personal approval from Putin for her actions during the TV clip from last month, which sparked the ICC's to issue war crimes arrest warrants for the pair.

    One of his top generals said: “Putin is terrified there is a plot to kidnap him and place him outside of Russia so he can be arrested on war crimes charges and made to face court.”

    The Russian president's fears come as he faces the prospect of "Nuremberg-like justice" in the same way the Nazis did after the Second World War.

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    Dr Miracle Chinwenmeri Uche, from the University of Exeter Law School, said the ICC's arrest warrant served as “a reminder that alleged perpetrators who occupy powerful positions are not immune from accountability”.

    She said the ICC's work can be traced back to Nuremberg, which saw leading Nazis put on trial in the world's glare.

    At Nuremberg, Adolf Hitler’s henchmen faced charges of crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity, for starting the war and the Holocaust.

    Several were hanged, however the maximum sentence the ICC can impose is life imprisonment.

    The ICC lacks the power to enforce the warrant, although more than 120 countries are obliged to hand over the tyrant if he sets foot on their soil.

    Dr Uche said it would not be an easy task to rely on one of the 123 states to bring Putin in, but added the "cooperation on the execution of the arrest warrant against Mr Putin and Ms Lvova-Belova must not be ruled out".

    ICC President Judge Piotr Hofmanski said all 123 state parties were legally obliged to cooperate fully with the court when a warrant is issued.

    He said one of the most important effects of the warrant is that it prevents the individual from leaving the country, adding that there were "two-thirds of the states of the world in which he will not be saved".

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