Quarry dubbed ‘UK’s most dangerous Instagram attraction’ as Brits warned away

Social media influencers have been told to stop visiting a 'very dangerous' quarry site.

In a bid to capture the perfect pic, Instagram stars are paying a trip to the iconic, Snowdonia in Wales, but experts are warning them of the hidden hazards that could result in tragedy.

History and breathtaking scenery make slate quarries a popular place to visit but according to North Wales Live, the 'snakes and ladders' course that runs through them must be approached with caution.

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Featuring an unsupported railway track, Dinorwig near Llanberis is considered an extremely dangerous place to visit.

In an attempt to stop people from making a grave mistake, Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) issued the following warning: "No Instagram story is worth the level of risk that some people are unwittingly taking.

"The old buildings and infrastructure of the slate quarries – railways, ladders, etc – are over half a century old and in various states of rust and decay.

"These old structures and fixtures, which can often be found above precipitous drops, could – and often do – collapse at any time and without warning."

With the slate mines gaining world heritage status from UNESCO in 2021, the social media world has hopped on the trend, recording TikTok content without a care in the world for their well-being.

However, they simply don't have the requisite training to do it safely.

The team said that there are "many hidden dangers", and even they are at risk.

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In the past, large rockfalls have disrupted routes in Eryi quarries.

Llanberis MRT, said: "Such unseen hazards can pose a considerable risk to rescuers or emergency services personnel called to assist persons in difficulty in these areas."

In March, disaster hit when two tourists got stuck on an unstable ledge in Dinorwig's California (Sinc Galed) quarry hole.

Frightened for their lives, they called for help.

Subsequently, 12 team members had to come out to haul them to safety with a two-line hauling system.

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Luckily, they emerged unharmed from the area, which strikes fear into the hearts of even the most seasoned of mountain climbers.

One of which took to Facebook to reveal that he hadn't made the trip since one quarry crumbled almost overnight.

He wrote: "Huge cracks are evident down some of the old buildings towering over the paths and quarry walls. I have no wish to be in a #wrongtimewrongplace scenario."


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