Queen, Charles and William threaten BBC boycott over ‘tittle tattle’ documentary

A new BBC documentary lifting the lid on an alleged feud between Prince Harry and Prince William has drawn an angry response from Buckingham Palace.

The Queen has reportedly joined with Prince Charles and Prince William in issuing the threat of boycott to the Beeb over The Princes And The Press which is set to air at 9pm on BBC2 tomorrow (Monday).

Presented by Amol Rajan, who has previously slammed the whole idea of monarchy as "absurd" and once described Prince Charles as "scientifically illiterate,” claims the two-part documentary promises to tell "the definitive story of one of the most dramatic periods in royal history for a generation”.

The show, which discusses a the relationship between Prince Charles’s two sons, has unusually not been made available to the press for preview purposes. According to early reports it includes allegations that William and Harry issued off-the-record leaks to the media as part of a war of words.

But royal sources have condemned the documentary as “tittle-tattle,” adding that Her Majesty had been very upset by the row over the programme.

A Palace source told the Daily Mail: “There is upset about it. The households are all united in thinking this is not fair. No one at the Palace has seen it.”

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There are rumours of a potential “three household boycott” of the BBC if the show is as critical as early reports suggest. The Daily Star has approached Buckingham Palace for a comment but has yet to receive a reply.

The BBC is currently part of a rota system, shared with ITV and Sky, to film the Queen’s Christmas speech, any potential boycott would threaten that arrangement.

There have been similar blow-ups between the palace and the BBC in the past. In 2007, the BBC was forced to apologise to the Queen after accusing her of “storming out” of a photoshoot, and just a few months ago Prince William expressed his anger over the 1995 Martin Bashir interview with his mother, Princess Diana.

But this could be the most dramatic confrontation yet. Mr Rajan, a rising star at the BBC who is tipped to replace Laura Kuenssberg as the corporations’s political editor, wrote in 2012: “When I write about our absurd Monarchy, the really stupid stuff comes flying in. So today, in order to save some of you precious time, I thought I’d do some clarifying.

“The stupidest thing said about republicanism is that republicans lack patriotism. I’ve said a few times before here, and will doubtless say again: I’m not a republican despite being a patriot, I’m a republican because I’m a patriot.

“I love my country and want it to be a place where any boy or girl could grow up to be our head of state, not one where Charles Windsor is appointed by birthright.”

A BBC spokesperson said: "The programme is about how royal journalism is done and features a range of journalists from broadcast and the newspaper industry."

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