Rapper 21 Savage's brother 'died in his friend's arms after being stabbed by former pal just yards from family home'

RAPPER 21 Savage's brother died in his pal's arms after being knifed by an old friend, it has been claimed.

Drill rapper Terrell Davis, 27, was fatally knifed just yards from his family's home in Brixton, South London, on Sunday.

Terrell – known by his rap name TM1Way – was attacked after going to the shops to buy milk for his gran on the Blenheim Gardens estate, it's claimed.

An old friend lunged at him and knifed him when a long-running row flared into violence just before 6pm, it's claimed.

Paramedics battled in vain to save Terrell as his family and friends wept, a neighbour said.

A source said a friend found Terrell slumped and covered in blood and held him as he died.

The source told The Sun Online: "She picked him up, he was still kind of alive and called the police but unfortunately he didn't make it.

"She saw him lying there and said, "Are you alright?" But he didn't answer back.

"I think they know who did it. It was a very close friend but they had a fall out.

"He was having arguments with people on the estate. It was going on for a little while and it all just came to a head.

"I don't think it was set up. They just came across each other and had an argument."

The source added: "My friend said there was so much blood.

"It shows the level of violence that happened on that estate.

"She said he died in her arms. She was obviously the only one there until other people came."

Terrell is believed to have joined relatives at his gran's house on the estate for dinner on Sunday before he was attacked.

He posted a Snapchat of his final meal hours before his brutal murder.

The source said Terrell was going to buy milk at a local Londis.

The source added: "For it to be your friend to do that, someone you grew up.with, it doesn't make any sense.

"It's not a nice part of Brixton. And it just doesn't stop.

"Everyone is saying it's a postcode thing but it really wasn't."

21Savage – whose real name is Sheyaa Bin Abraham- Joseph, 28 – posted a touching tribute to his brother Terrell.

It's the second time the US-based rapper – born in Plaistow, East London – has lost a brother to violence after Quantivayus Joseph was shot and killed in a botched drug deal in 2014.

But the source added: "His brother had £12 million to his name but didn't help that side of his family get out of the estate.

"Not even help him in the sense of give him money, but even help market his music career. It's really sad."

A Scotland yard spokesman said: "Police are investigating a fatal stabbing after they were called at 17:59hrs on Sunday 22 November by the London Ambulance Service to a location in Ramillies Close, Lambeth, SW2.

"Officers attended, along with colleagues from the London Air Ambulance, but the 27-year-old man was pronounced dead at the scene."

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