Reggie Kray’s ‘private parts’ fell out of shorts after goal in prison football

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Reggie Kray's "private parts" fell out of his shorts while he celebrated scoring in a prison football match, a notorious cockney drug smuggler has revealed.

Reggie and his brother Ronnie Kray operated as feared gangsters in London during the 1950s and 60s, killing and intimidating those who failed to respect their status.

After years terrorising the East London streets where they were based, the twins were eventually arrested in 1968 and received life sentences.

Younger than his criminal contemporaries, Michael Emmett was arrested in 1992 alongside his father when a drugs bust in Devon found them importing millions of pounds worth of cannabis.

Spending time in various prisons, Michael eventually ended up in Maidstone, where his path crossed with Reggie, and the pair became friends.

And, speaking to Shaun Attwood on his True Crime podcast, Michael shared the story of a time when Reggie’s notoriously tough character gave way while he celebrated scoring a penalty.

“In Maidstone, there used to be wing football. So we organised a game for the over 50s,” Michael began.

The convicted drug smuggler explained that his dad and Reggie were both involved, along with some other inmates who were all enjoying a drink, when Reggie was called upon to take a crucial penalty.

He continued: “It goes to penalties, so I say to the kid in goal, ‘dive to the left’, and I say to Reg, ‘knock it that way Reg’ (motioning to the right).

“Anyway, my six year-old grandson would have kicked the ball harder – it needed someone to blow it over the line.

“He scores. We put him on our shoulders, and where he had his sort of ways, Reg, his private parts came out of his shorts.

“I don’t mean to be crude, but it’s rubbing on the geezer’s neck, so Reg is over the moon. He’s scored the winning goal, and we all start to sing, ‘we are the champions’."

The drug smuggler explained that the party of footballers returned back to the wing, where Reggie phoned his friend Charlie in Belmarsh, informing him he’d just been involved in a shootout.

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“He went, ‘what’s gone on Reg?’, And Reggie replied: “‘A f***ing penalty shootout’.” And put the phone down.”

Reggie died in 2000 after suffering from bladder cancer, shortly after being released from prison on compassionate grounds.

Now reformed, Michael has often spoken publicly about finding faith in prison, releasing a book, ‘Sins of Fathers’, which details his story and describes how visits to the prison chapel helped him turn his life around.

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