Report: These Are The States With The Highest Job Resignation Rates

As the Great Resignation surges on, workers are continuing to hand in their two-week notices in pursuit of greener pastures at other companies. As evidenced by the surplus of job openings and difficulty with filling them, applicants are at an advantage right now. The perks of finding a new job at this time are unprecedented—employers are bumping up salaries, creating more attractive benefits packages and committing to improving workplace culture but in some parts of the country, that’s just not enough.

Or at least, that’s according to WalletHub’s new report on resignation rates state-by-state. They took a look at the data to rank the 50 states and the District of Columbia based on how frequently people are leaving their places of employment.

The findings are based on the rate at which people quit their jobs in both the latest month and the last 12 months.

The states are broken out in two categories: those with the highest quit rates, and those with the lowest. The states with the highest resignation rates include: Alaska, Florida, Arizona, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Wyoming and Alabama.

The report also included expert commentary explaining the shift.

“The main reason for higher resignations is that more people are leaving previous jobs for new and better ones,” said John WintersProfessor of Economics – Iowa State University and Past President, Southern Regional Science Association. “The labor market has been quite strong over the past few months and firms are heavily competing for scarce workers. At the same time, we have seen inflation reach its highest rates in four decades. Individual firms and industries respond to this differently. Some can raise wages to keep up with inflation but many are not. Workers will naturally shift toward those offering higher wages and leave those where real wages (wages adjusted for inflation) are falling.”

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