Revealed: The team behind Meghan Markle's anti-stress device

Meghan Markle’s anti-stress device was endorsed by ‘energy medicine’ doctor, wellness medic and controversial self-help guru Tony Robbins who worked with Sarah Ferguson and was accused of sexual misconduct by nine women

A stress-busting firm used by Meghan Markle is backed by a cast of characters in the US including a controversial life coach previously accused of sexual misconduct by nine women, it was revealed today. 

The Duchess of Sussex, 42, showed off the NuCalm Biosignal Processing Disc on her arm while walking in Montecito over the weekend. 

The $4 patch on her wrist is viewed as a PR coup for NuCalm, which is run by Jim Poole and his identical twin brother David and promises users of their app and products reduced stress and improved sleep ‘without drugs’.

Describing their work, Jim said recently: ‘It’s easy to get amped up during the day, it’s easy to have caffeine or stimulants to amp you up. It’s not so easy to kind of slow yourself down, and people who try to meditate would understand this, it’s really difficult to kind of slow down the monkey mind’. 

The Poole brothers are the sons of two psychotherapists from New England. They run Solace Lifesciences, maker of NuCalm, developed over more than 20 years by neuroscientist Dr Blake Holloway.

Meghan’s use of its stress-relieving patches put a spotlight on NuCalm. The Duchess of Sussex is now the most famous name to be a NuCalm user, after US motivational speaker Tony Robbins.

Meghan Markle reveals a NuCalm Biosignal Processing Disc on her arm while walking in Montecito over the weekend

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, with Tony Robbins in a photograph shared by the Duke of York’s former wife on Instagram. Mr Robbins is one of the US’ most famous motivational speakers and also an exponent of NuCalm

Dr Blake Holloway developed the products over 20 years. NuCalm is also backed by Dr Michael Galitzer, an expert in energy medicine who promotes the ‘amazing benefits NuCalm provides’. He has also worked with Gwyneth Paltrow

Since 2015 Mr Robbins has been ‘an avid user’ of NuCalm and its ‘DeepSleep’ therapy, which promises 20 minutes of sleep that equates to two hours of deep sleep.

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She was seen wearing a $4 anti-stress patch that ‘provides resonance and frequencies’ on her wrist as she left an appointment on Thursday


He has been previously criticised for promoting neuro-linguistic programming, considered by experts as a field of pseudoscience.

Guy Leschziner, Professor of Neurology and Sleep Medicine at King’s College London, said: ‘When you’ve got Tony Robbins as your main proponent, that has to ring some alarm bells’. 

The self-help guru has worked with the Duchess of York and counts the Kardashians, Serena Williams and Oprah among his many celebrity fans. In 2019 he was accused of sexual misconduct by nine women, including groping and exposing himself, starting in the 1980s.

But he denied all of the allegations and said he had been unfairly pursued by the news outlet Buzzfeed for a year, accusing them of giving an ‘inaccurate, agenda-driven version of the past, pierced with falsehoods’.

Mr Robbins later began a defamation action against Buzzfeed UK in Ireland. The case is still said to be going through the courts. No criminal charges have been brought.

NuCalm is also backed by Dr Michael Galitzer, an expert in energy medicine who promotes the ‘amazing benefits NuCalm provides’. He has also worked with Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop amid rumours Meghan is ready to relaunch her lifestyle blog The Tig.

Santa Barbara-based wellness medic Janet Hranicky says NuCalm can decrease stress and increase resilience in cancer patients.

Experts have cast doubt over the science supposedly supporting one of the gadget’s major claims. 

Mr Leschziner has said it sounded suspiciously like ‘pseudoscience’.

‘It doesn’t look like they’ve actually proven anything. They may well prove us all wrong, but the burden of proof is on them’, he said.

He added: ‘How you could possibly say 20 minutes of sleep under this device equates to two hours of normal deep sleep, I just don’t understand.’

The makers of a $4 anxiety-busting wrist patch worn by Meghan Markle have already turned it into an online advert, MailOnline can exclusively reveal today.

Brand and culture expert Nick Ede believes it was no accident that the Duchess of Sussex managed to show off the NuCalm Biosignal Processing Disc on her arm while walking in Montecito over the weekend.

With Harry on a boys trip to Asia with Nacho Figueras, the Duchess of Sussex, 42, had been wrapped up in a £1,200 Max Mara wool coat despite it hitting 73F (22.7C), but royal watchers spotted her left cuff was turned up and a mysterious blue sticker on her arm. 

Hours later the patch was confirmed as a NuCalm Biosignal Processing Disc, by the company itself. The US mindfulness business shared pictures of the Duchess on their official Instagram page.

Offering a free trial, a discount code and promoting an app costing up to $49-a-month, NuCalm, which says its products are ‘clinically proven to reduce stress and improve sleep’, said: ‘The Duchess wore a disc, which activates the parasympathetic nervous system’. In a hint Meghan may use the app, the firm said the wrist patch is a ‘tool to get the most clinical benefit from your NuCalm subscription’.

NuCalm used the pictures of the Duchess showing off the wrist patch to promote their company and offer people a free trial and a discount code

How does NuCalm’s  bio-signalling disc work?

The patches, sold in packs of 20 or 100, promise to make all users feel more relaxed and are said to work like human batteries. 

They are stuck to the skin three fingers below the left wrist — on the ‘pericardium-6 acupuncture point’. This location, according to traditional Chinese medicine, has a direct connection with the heart. 

Each contains a tiny Tesla coil – a type of electric circuit designed by inventor Nikola Tesla in 1891.

They emit waves mimicing the natural frequencies of neurotransmitters in the body, such as gamma-aminobutryic acid (GABA) and L-Theanine.

NuCalm claims this activates the body’s internal GABAergic system, which is said to involved in regulating anxiety, muscle tension and memory.

The so-called biosignals transmitted interrupt ‘the cortisol and adrenaline response’, the body’s main stress hormones. 

The devices, developed over a period of 20 years by the late neuroscientist Dr Blake Holloway, also slow brainwave frequency and relax the mind and body, NuCalm says.

Nick Ede told MailOnline today it is yet another sign that her lifestyle blog The Tig may soon return, bankrolled by new business partnerships. 

He said: ‘Meghan’s strategic placement of a stress pack from a relatively new start-up company who reposted the image of her in their own social media is a clear message that she is looking to build her lifestyle brand and create a platform for her followers to benefit from her experiences and the products that help her.

‘The image was a clear message to say she’s stressed but she’s using a patch to help her. Her brand is very strong so I think that this is a good way to go, with partnerships’.

MailOnline has asked the Duchess of Sussex’s spokesman to comment.

Meghan is known to love an ‘arm party’ – beloved by the West Coast’s celebrity elite – with the royal often stacking her £7,050 Cartier love bangle and Princess Diana’s Tank Louis Cartier watch, likely to be worth around £140,000 or more.

Meghan, 42, was seen near her home in Montecito, California, over the weekend wearing a NuCalm Biosignal Processing Disc.

The adhesive discs, approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, are said to work by using biochemistry, physics and neurophysiology to relax the body and brain.

The Chicago Blackhawks ice hockey team is known to be NuCalm devotees to help recover after matches.

The discs have also been deemed effective at helping patients to enter a deeply meditative state by a co-director at a teaching hospital at Harvard Medical School. So how do they work?

According to the manufacturers, the NuCalm patches are like batteries. 

Each contains a tiny Tesla coil – a type of electric circuit designed by inventor Nikola Tesla in 1891 – that emits waves which mimic the natural frequencies of neurotransmitters in the body, such as gamma-aminobutryic acid (GABA) and L-Theanine.

She was seen wearing a $4 anti-stress patch that ‘provides resonance and frequencies’ on her wrist as she left an appointment on Thursday

The Duchess of Sussex, 42, was without her husband Prince Harry, who is currently in south east Asia, as she walked through a parking lot with a bodyguard close to her side

The former Suits actress was seen wearing an anti-stress patch on her wrist from NuCalm. It is said to accelerate the onset of the relaxation response and costs $80 for a pack of 20

These are the body’s natural relaxation chemicals and normally when you are very stressed, your body resists them.

For something so small, the science is very complicated.

‘There is nothing simple about these discs,’ says Jim Poole, chief executive of NuCalm maker Solace Lifesciences. ‘We understood that we need to saturate the brain with GABA A and GABA B, the body’s primary inhibitory neurotransmitters – the opposite of adrenaline – to put the brakes on adrenaline.

‘It took Dr Holloway four years working with German physicists and Chinese medicine experts to locate the frequencies of these amino acids and what these discs now hold is the recipe.

‘They’re like a tuning fork, using vibration frequency and resonance to deliver a calming signal to the brain.’ Each patch has enough energy for two hours. No chemicals are released, only frequencies and biosignals.

Meghan was walking back from an appointment on Thursday cloaked in a coat and a scarf despite the 70 degree temperature

As Meghan showed, the discs should be put on an acupressure point on the left arm which, according to Chinese medicine, has a direct line (or meridian) to the sac containing your heart. Some people feel a little tingling but others don’t feel a thing.

The frequencies a patch emits are said to travel through the arm to the heart and brain, interrupting stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline, slowing your brainwave frequency and relaxing the mind and body.

Previous inventions from NuCalm include chewable supplements, skin creams, headphones playing relaxing music and light-blocking glasses. But NuCalm say the blue discs are the most effective and affordable invention yet.

They have no reported side-effects, need no medical supervision and are available in packs of 20 for £63 or packs of 100 for £315.

Dr Holloway, who died aged 73 in 2020 after a long illness, found an immediate market with dental patients when the system was unveiled in 2009.

On Tuesday, Meghan was spotted at one of Taylor Swift’s concerts at the SoFi stadium in LA. 

She reportedly jumped out of her chair to sing along to the hit You Belong with Me but noticeably didn’t take a photo with the singer.

The former Suits actress was with her British friend Lucy Fraser, who featured prominently in the Sussexes’ tell-all Netflix series. 

Although it is not known exactly where Meghan was reportedly situated in the stadium, she did not appear to be in the VIP tent – where Charlize Theron was happily filmed dancing along to some of the songs.

She enjoyed the girls’ night while Prince Harry, 38, spent time in Asia. 

He enjoyed a two-day trip in Japan before flying to Singapore to play in a polo match on Saturday in aid of Sentebale, his charity set up to help children and young people in Lesotho in southern Africa. 

Prince Harry and Nacho Figueras receive a shared trophy after the Sentebale ISPS Handa Polo Cup in Singapore

Prince Harry and his friend Nacho Figueras are pictured trying on sunglasses during a Tokyo shopping trip on Wednesday

Harry is without his wife Meghan and two children Archie, four, and Lilibet, two, for the trip and is accompanied by his polo player best friend Nacho Figueras. 

It comes after the prince’s title of ‘His Royal Highness’ was quietly ditched by Buckingham Palace on the Royal Family’s website recently. 

Under the terms of the 2020 Megxit agreement, the Palace said Harry and Meghan Markle could retain their HRH titles but would not be allowed to use them after stepping down as senior royals.

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