Roman hill fort available for £100k has ‘defences’ against annoying neighbours

An Iron Age hillfort has been put up for sale at the same price as an average two-bedroom house outside of London.

Hembury Fort Cross has been described as the “best Iron Age hillfort in Devon” and comes with a guide price of just £100,000 – and it's already under offer with estate agents Savills.

Located just four miles from Honiton, it is within the Blackdown Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and the very low price gives you around 38.81 cares of space – or 0.06 square miles.

It also comes with a monument, known as Hembury Fort which dates back to the Iron Age.

The fort was also later occupied by the Roman Army in the middle of the first century, AD.

It has been described as being in “good condition” with well-defined circuits of defence – handy for annoying neighbours – and contains valuable archeologically for the information it provides “relating to the lives, economy and landscape of the Neolithic and Iron Age people who lived and used the site”, the estate agents said.

It also contains information about the Roman military occupation.

A spokesman for Historic England said: “The Roman occupation saw the rebuilding of the western gateway but two transverse banks and ditches which serve to cut off the northern two thirds of the interior of the monument, traditionally interpreted as Roman works, have been demonstrated to be post-medieval.”

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And for those who live to venture outdoors, it is surrounded by mature woodland slopes, and a diverse habitat, too.

The hill was the subject of a 2018 film called High On Hembury Hill, which follows a historian's journey to secure the future of the area, while maintaining the natural environment around it.

The film, and general maintenance of the land, was done by the Hembury Fort Management team.

The Historic England spokesman added: "Hembury Fort survives in exceptionally good condition with a well defined circuit of defences surrounding the entire monument.

"Small multivallate hillforts are rare with around 100 examples recorded nationally. Most are located in the Welsh Marches and the south-west with a concentration of small monuments in the north-east.

"In view of the rarity of small multivallate hillforts and their importance in understanding the nature of settlement and social organisation within the Iron Age period, all examples with surviving archaeological remains are believed to be of national importance.
It was at one point deemed “high risk” by English Heritage, and was recognised as one of the highest priority sites in Devon."

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