Santa dangles in power line for an hour as he tries to give candy to kids

A flying Santa Claus crashed into an overhead power line while on his way to delivery candy canes to children.

The unidentified man, also known as Mr Claus, was on his way to give children in Rio Linda, California sweets on Sunday December 20.

He was wearing a red and white suit, as well as a safety harness, when his metal home-made "hyper light" sleigh got tangled.

Highway patrol teams immediately called firefighters to get the man down but he was suspended in mid air before he was released from the aircraft.

According to the Sacramento Fire District, workers said it looked as though "Rudolph lane-changed and forgot to tell Santa."

Firefighters used specialist equipment, including 40ft, extendable ladders, rescue teams managed to free him.

The incident caused around 200 homes in the area to briefly lose power when electricity was turned off to enable emergency services to reach Santa safely.

Captain Chris Vestal with Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District, said the man was "trying to get in some last minute fun before" Christmas.

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Mr Vestal said although the incident stopped traffic, it was something that the community needed, adding: "Christmas is still going to happen, Christmas is not canceled because of this incident."

In a statement, California Highway Patrol, North Sacramento, said: "We typically don’t respond to a 'Rudolph lane-changed me' call, but when you get multiple calls… it’s best to go check it out.

"Turns out Santa was trying to get some last minute fun in before the holiday and got into a hot wire situation.

"Although the pilot had a mishap, he was actually out doing something really good for the community and in 2020, I think it's something that we all need."

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