Scotland Yard will NOT investigate Martin Bashir over infamous Panorama interview with Princess Diana

SCOTLAND Yard will NOT investigate BBC journalist Martin Bashir over his now infamous Panorama interview with Princess Diana.

The shock decision comes after the Metropolitan Police “assessed” Lord Dyson’s independent report into the bombshell 1995 documentary.

Lord Dyson’s damning inquiry revealed “rogue reporter” Bashir forged bank statements and spun wicked tales to win the vulnerable princess’s trust.

The probe concluded then-BBC news and current affairs boss Lord Tony Hall and other executives whitewashed concerns over how Bashir bagged the scoop in 1995.

But yesterday cops said they didn’t find any evidence of criminal activity.

The Met said in a statement: "In March 2021, the Metropolitan Police Service determined it was not appropriate to begin a criminal investigation into allegations of unlawful activity in connection with a documentary broadcast in 1995.

"Following the publication of Lord Dyson's report in May, specialist detectives assessed its contents and looked carefully at the law – once again obtaining independent legal advice from Treasury Counsel as well as consulting the Crown Prosecution Service.

"As a result, the MPS has not identified evidence of activity that constituted a criminal offence and will therefore be taking no further action."

Lord Dyson’s explosive report in May revealed Bashir fabricated information to “deceive” Diana into agreeing to talk.

He commissioned fake bank statements to persuade her that officials were being paid by MI5 and the media for information about her.

He showed them to her brother, Earl Spencer, to win his trust.

The Earl took notes when he and Diana met Bashir in secret for 90 minutes at a flat in London’s Knightsbridge.

Eight pages of his notepad detailed false claims that Bashir presented in a bid to help him seal the interview.

He told Diana her phone was bugged and Prince Charles was having an affair with their sons’ nanny.

He used the fake statements to persuade her MI5 were spying on her.

The interview, in which Diana famously claimed “there were three of us in this marriage” in reference to her husband’s relationship with his now wife, Camilla Parker Bowles, caused shockwaves worldwide.

After Lord Dyson’s inquiry found 58-year-old Bashir’s efforts to secure time with the late Royal was a breach of BBC guidelines, the presenter apologised, saying it was something he “deeply regrets”.

The BBC also apologised and admitted it had taken “far too long to get to the truth” and pledged to return awards it won for the Panorama interview.

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