Semi-naked woman found in airman’s wardrobe on navy base sparking spy fears

A possible female 'spy' has been hiding semi-naked in a wardrobe for two weeks at a special forces Navy base before bosses discovered her.

An aircraft technician tried to keep her presence a secret by posting a sign on his door saying: "Do not enter, own cleaning taken care of."

Complaints about the smell led to a team of non-commissioned officers forcing their way into his room where they found her cowering behind her lover's jumpsuit.

Army police escorted her from the base at Yeovilton, Somerset, and she left the UK immediately. Her lover insists she is his girlfriend and not a Chinese spy but fellow sailors fears she may have lured him into a honeytrap to discover operational secrets.

The base's helicopters are due to join the £3billion aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth on a mission to the South China Sea later this year, but the Navy dismissed these concerns.

A security source told the Sun: “It’s got all the hallmarks of a honeytrap and Navy chiefs could not afford to take any chances.”

A Navy source added: “She was an unauthorised foreign national on Ministry of Defence property. It’s an astonishing breach and terrifying to think what she could have accessed."

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The woman is not a Chinese citizen but was born in the Far East and holds a Dutch passport.

The randy aircraft technician has been ridiculed by pals but could face jail for the serious breach. He claims he met the woman while on holiday in 2019.

He smuggled her into the camp in his car boot when he returned from Christmas leave.

The shock discovery comes at a time when UK and Chinese relations are particularly strained. The head of MI5 promised to do more to counter the threat from Beijing.

The HMS Queen Elizabeth's first operational mission is thought to be linked to growing fears of China's military might in the region.

The Navy insisted it takes any breach of security "extremely seriously".

A spokesman said: “We are investigating the incident but the individual is a European national and there is no suspicion of espionage.”

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