Shocking video shows bear cub sink teeth into woman’s chin with ‘death grip’

A shocking video circulating online shows a bear cub sinking its teeth onto a woman with a "death grip".

The baby brown bear was used as a real-life prop to entice people to pay for a photo-op with the beast inside a main park in Grozny, Russia.

Medina and her sister sat down at the bench and paid £185 to take photos with the bear cub.

In the video, the bear clambers over Medina and goes closer to her face, sniffing around her mouth.

Medina hugs the cub and smiles for a photo but the animal could smell the salmon salad she had just eaten, and suddenly sinks teeth into her chin.

She said: "It has a death grip. The owner herself could not do anything.

"My sister and I tore it off me. There was a lot of blood where he bit me.

"They thought at first he had taken a mouthful of my flesh."

She said the bear first climbed up to her crying and she thought it was hungry.

"When he got close to my face, I wanted to remove him, but due to hunger, his reflex kicked in and he clenched his teeth on my chin," Medina added.

“They couldn't take him away from me."

Luckily, park-goers rushed to help Medina and managed to pull the bear cub away from her.

She was taken to hospital where she was given injections for rabies and tetanus, but otherwise, suffered no life-threatening injuries.

After the treatment, Medina filed a complaint with the police for the owner's poor handling of the bear.

She said the bear cub was not fed properly and without a muzzle.

"The owner of the animal blamed me, saying I provoked the bear, but the video shows this is not the case,” she said.

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“The bear also bit a policeman’s hand. He, too, was given an injection.

“The little bear was fed baby formula. But feeding such animals food for children is wrong.

“They should have other food, but it is expensive, and the owner wants to earn money with the bear.

The bear has not been put into care in the zoo and taken away from the woman who said she paid £185 for it.

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