Sir Geoffrey Cox slammed for siding with 'those accused of corruption'

SIR GEOFFREY Cox was slammed for siding with “those accused of corruption” last night after it emerged he skipped Parliament to work for a Caribbean government being probed for a slew of crimes.

The embattled Tory ex-Cabinet minister is under fire for raking in hundreds of thousands of pounds for legal advice dished out to the British Virgin Islands.

He took advantage of lockdown rules to vote remotely so he could stay in the overseas territory dishing out lucrative advice to the government in an inquiry over allegations of criminal activity.

The shocking revelations has seen the knives came out for multi-millionaire Sir Geoffrey back home. 

A senior diplomatic source told The Sun: “Cox has spent his time in the Caribbean trying to hinder an investigation systemic corruption, cronyism, jury intimidation and misuse of public funds.  It’s shocking he’s chosen to put himself on the side of those accused of corruption.”

While he has clocked up the hours advising the British overseas territory, Sir Geoffrey, a former Attorney General, has only spoken in Parliament once this entire year.

While he is not believed to have broken any rules, government insiders are furious that he has been caught out spending up to 41 hours a month on his second job.

The PM’s spokesman slapped Sir Geoffrey down for spending so long in his second job. In pointed remarks, the PM’s spokesman said an “MP’s primary job is and must be to serve their constituents and to represent their interests in Parliament”.

He added: “They should be visible in their constituencies and available to help constituents with their constituency matters.

“If they’re not doing that, they’re not doing their job and will rightly be judged on that by their constituents.”

A Whitehall insider added: “I think he will have got the message.” The revelations has sparked a fresh clamour for a crackdown on MPs second jobbing.

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