Skint dad makes family wear head torches in electric free house to save money

A dad desperate to save cash in the face of the brutal cost of living crisis has said his family are only allowed the heating on once a week and operating a ‘no electricity policy’.

Father of two Chavdar Todorov, 53, and his wife Moda, 49, have fixed the family up with head torches they bagged for £8.48 a pop.

These head torches have become the household’s primary light source after sunset.

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In bank worker and part-time decorator Chavdar’s defence, the decision to take evasive action was spurred on by the arrival of a potentially catastrophic £320 electricity bill – twice the size of what he had paid the previous month.

At an annual rate, this would see the family fork out more £3,800 and so they’re doing everything they can to stop this from happening.

To go with the blackout policy, the frugal family are only getting the central heating on once a week, and has instead opted to wrap up in blankets to go about their business.

Yoga teacher Moda said: “We're trying to think positively but it's hard. I don't put the heating on if I'm home alone and just keep my jacket on.

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“My husband came up with the funny idea of using head torches.

“We keep the lights off and use our head torches but it's scary and I don't feel as safe…

“There have been a lot of burglaries in our area.

“We light candles and try and make it romantic.

But the Bulgarian-born yogi said that even though the family had taken such drastic action they were still terrified about what their next bill would be.

She added: “We used to pay £140 a month and in June it shot up to £320.

“Our back door isn't very insulating and you can really feel the cold and wind… We only put the heating on about once a week just to get some heat through the house.”

Discussing the family’s flashy new lights, she said: “They respond to movement and are very handy.

“We use them at night to go to the toilet instead of putting the light on.”

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