Snow long range weather forecast: Every area snow could fall in the UK – map

BBC Weather warns of freezing fog and -5C chill

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As we approach the midpoint of January, many regions across the UK have already enjoyed spells of snow and that theme is forecast to continue by the time we reach February. Persistent freezing temperatures look likely to increase the risk of snow showers at times but where could we expect this to be the case? Here’s your long-range snow forecast and the latest weather maps.

Thursday, January 13 to Sunday, January 16

WXCharts maps suggest only a handful of areas could see snow in the next few days, with a 15 percent likelihood in the Scottish Highlands.

Parts of Leciester are also currently reporting snow, according to UK Snow Map, while Snow Forecast suggests only the west coast of Scotland could see some smatterings before the week is out.

Instead, most areas of the UK are predicted to enjoy settled conditions with patches of fog and rain in some places.

However, the Uk is expected to see much more wintry conditions as we head into next week.

Monday, January 17 to Wednesday, January 26

During this period the probability of any snow showers varies, with high ground areas in Scotland again expected to be the most likely UK region to experience snow.

Weather maps from WXCharts show the east coast of the UK could see some smatterings of snow by midday on January 20, expanding further by Saturday, jan 22 when much of central and eastern England has a 15 percent chance of snow. Areas of Scotland and the Highlands could see as much as a 40 to 50 percent chance in the same time frame.

Moving into Wednesday, January 26 and this risk increases to more than 50 percent in Scotland, while England’s chance of snow rises to between 20 and 30 percent in northern areas.

Earlier weather maps from Netweather also suggested snow could be expected across the UK during this time period, although the forecast has now been updated to reflect the uncertainty of such long range forecasts.

The Met Office forecast says: “Settled with sunny spells Monday with mist and fog clearing.

“Cloudier conditions with rain possible in far northeast, initially wintry turning back to rain later. Light winds expected, with a risk of gales for far northeast.

“Temperatures around average, possibly cold in northeastern parts. Thereafter becoming increasingly less settled, particularly in the north, as frontal systems cross the Atlantic.

“Drier more settled conditions persist further south, with light winds and clear skies leading to overnight frost and fog.

“Later in the period there remains a possibility that low pressure could move east, bringing strong winds and cold wintry showers to windward coasts.

“Temperatures are most likely to be slightly above average in the north whilst remaining near normal towards the south, with a low likelihood of a short-lived colder spell.”

January 26 and beyond

As we reach the end of the month unsettled conditions are predicted to gradually set in for large areas of the UK, with the heaviest rainfall expected in the northwest.

Meanwhile, the beginning of February is likely to bring with it slightly above average temperatures overall.

The Met Office said: “This period is likely to see a gradual transition to more unsettled conditions. Heaviest precipitation is likely to occur across the northwest, particularly later in the period, whilst drier than average conditions are more likely to affect the southeast, particularly earlier in the period.

“Spells of strong wind are likely, particularly in the north. Temperatures likely to be slightly above average overall. Some colder interludes are still expected though, bringing a risk of occasional snow, most likely over northern hills.”

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