Squirrel tries to steal nuts from a bird feeder

Absolutely nuts! Hilarious moment a determined squirrel is left spinning in circles for a minute while hanging onto a motorised bird feeder he was trying to get food from

  • Alex Dunigen filmed a squirrel trying to raid a bird feeder at his parents’ home
  • The grey squirrel was spun around rapidly while trying to feed on the nuts 
  • After more than a minute the squirrel flies off the bird feeder and scampers away

This is the amazing moment a squirrel attempts to raid a bird feeder in a Sheffield back garden and is thrown clear from the device. 

The grey squirrel was filmed by Alex Dunigen in the back garden of his parents’ home in Fulwood, Sheffield earlier this week. 

The squirrel is rotated rapidly by the bird feeder and attempts to hang to secure an illicit haul of nuts. 

This is the hilarious moment a squirrel in Sheffield attempts to steal nuts from a bird feeder

Despite its best efforts the squirrel is thrown clear of the bird feeder

For about thirty seconds, the squirrel is spun rapidly on the base of the bird feeder, which has been hung from the branch of a tree, until it is forced to let go. 

Eventually, the squirrel admits defeat and is flung off the bird feeder but seems unharmed by its adventure as it is spotted moments later bounding through the garden.  

According to Mr Dunigen, who filmed the incident: ‘We were round at my parents’ house having a quick catch-up and a brew when just as I sat down I saw the squirrel coming down from the top of the feeder  and as soon as he latched on to the round bar he was off!

‘ He hung on for ages, a good minute keeping us all very entertained. Once he admitted defeat and flew off to the ground he shot off running, zigzagging left and right up the top of the garden where he had to pause. 

‘My dad is 73 so therefore by default is becoming a bird watcher and was given the bird feeder as a gift and it’s been a great one at that!’ 

Alex Dunigan, pictured, filmed the squirrel in his parents’ back garden in Sheffield earlier this week


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