‘Sweet and loving’ dog warms hearts by helping out with owner’s paternity leave

A dog owner has captured his pet's hilarious reaction when he was working while on paternity leave.

Reddit user cm177131 shared the clip in a post, writing: "My pupper thinks I'm on paternity leave for him."

His golden-coloured pooch is seen sitting on his lap in a hugging position and leaning his head onto his owner's chest.

The new dad has no choice but to put a mouse on the back of his half labrador-half French bulldog canine friend in an effort to carry on doing his work.

In the background, his baby daughter appears to be sleeping inside a bassinet.

As he pans the camera closer to the pet, it is also seen sleeping soundly on his arm.

The clip ends when he tries to work with moving the mouse on his dog's back.

The New York-based user, who has been working from home since March, explained: "I work for a pretty forward-thinking company in America and they give us 10 weeks paternity leave, which I am really proud of them for doing."

He also said his dog loves his daughter a lot that he "doesn't leave her side".

"I couldn't have asked for a better scenario," he added.

"He was our baby before the human one came along, now we have two babies."

The short clip has been upvoted 93% since it was posted yesterday and viewers have their hearts melted.

One said: "Noticed that the dog's nose is pointed at the baby.

"The dog may be snoozing but his nose knows where the baby is and how it is doing. He's still on duty even though he's asleep."

Another suggested: "The dog's job is a babysitter! Look at how the pupper stares at the baby – so sweet and loving."

Others guessed the day to return to office will be the "saddest day for all the dogs and cats".

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