Takeaway driver ‘caught scratching bum and smelling fingers as he delivered’

A Ring doorbell captured the moment a gloveless delivery driver appeared to have a deep and prolonged scratch of his bum before handing a curry takeaway to unsuspecting customers.

Chelsea Kerr, 19, and partner Joe Pearson, 22, from Leeds, ordered an Indian after just returning from a trip in Blackpool and nodded off while the delivery man stood knocking the door.

With a cigarette in one hand, the man appears to leave the doorstep for a second before coming back and beginning to scratch deeply, then he seems to take a sniff of the same hand he used for the act.

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Waitress and cafe cook Chelsea, and labourer Joe had paid £27 for the meal, which they binned because it was too spicy.

Chelsea told the Sun: “We were asleep in bed. We had ordered a curry. It took us five minutes to get up and get the curry.

“We did not notice he was scratching his bum. It was disgusting. Luckily, we did not eat it because it was too spicy anyway.

“We ordered from the takeaway by mistake. I never usually order from there because the curries are horrible.

“The whole thing was just horrible. When I spoke to the manager he said he was just going to let him off with a warning."

Chelsea’s mum checked the doorbell footage the day after their meal, making the grim discovery.

Chelsea said the driver "should be sacked," adding that she and Joe could have become ill because of the driver's actions.

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“The driver never apologised to us – only his boss," Chelsea added.

The restaurant, which cannot be named for legal reasons, promises “contact free delivery".

A spokesman for the restaurant told the Sun the man involved was a freelance delivery driver.

He added: “I spoke to the woman and apologised. Our food is prepared and sealed before we sent it to them so how does it affect the food in anyway?"

He said the situation has been "blown out of all proportion."


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