Taliban ‘worried about Andrew Tate and wants him released’ claims his ‘wifey’

A beauty queen turned anti-woke journalist is demanding the release of Andrew Tate, claiming his arrest has the attention of the Taliban.

Sameera Khan, former Miss New Jersey, says the militant political organisation are extremely concerned by the self-proclaimed "Top G's" detainment by Romanian authorities.

The controversial social media influencer, and his brother Tristan Tate, were held on suspicion of human trafficking, rape and organised crime on December 29. It came after a high-profile Twitter clash with Greta Thunberg.

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Since his rise to fame earlier this year, the former four-time kickboxing champion has proved a divisive figure.

While many brand his views misogynistic, others, like Khan, view him as a saviour of old-school values.

Ms Khan, who was once branded "wifey" by the social media star, wrote: "We are hosting a Twitter space with the Afghan Taliban to discuss the detainment of Andrew Tate.

"They are worried about Andrew Tate, and they are asking us if he's free yet. They say Westerners need Andrew Tate because we are oppressed by feminists."

Twitter Spaces offers users an opportunity to utilise the platform to have live conversations through an audio chatroom. Details of the Spaces discussion, and the journalist's claims that the Taliban were present, have not been confirmed.

The 31-year-old, who is using the hashtag ''Free Top G" hosted another Twitter Spaces today to update people on Tate's current situation.

Ms Khan told her 138.9K followers that Tate's conversion to Islam was a "threat to the establishment".

Discussing the arrest, she said: "Clearly this is selective… the establishment want to make their [the Tates'] views the extreme by cancelling them."

The writer continued: 'I have gotten death threats over my support for Andrew Tate… I'm used to it… but the attention I've gotten over this has been a lot… and overwhelming."

In response to the backlash she's received, Khan has doubled down on her position.

"I will continue defending @Cobratate [Andrew Tate] (especially knowing how much it triggers leftists seeing women defend him)… stay triggered, leftoid scum."

The Tate brothers were arrested alongside, Luana Radu, 32, a former police officer based in the Romanian capital of Bucharest. She left the force eight years ago to start a career in the webcam industry.

In addition, police also detained American model, Georgiana Naghel, 28, who has reportedly been in a relationship with the elder brother for nearly a year.

The pair of women are accused of "coercing" and "controlling" at least six females, who they kept under house arrest like "prisoners" and forced to create social media porn content.

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