Tertiary Entrance Guide 2020: I know my ATAR, now what are my options?

Now that results have been released, you may have questions about what your options are from here.

First things first: don’t panic. If you haven’t received the ATAR you expected, there are other ways to get into the course you always wanted to do.

Talk to your school careers counsellor

Your school careers counsellor may be able to provide you with some ideas or suggestions that you haven’t thought about. They will also be able to offer you some guidance about what to do during change of preference.

Attend one of the many change of preference days offered by VTAC institutions

Many of the institutions participating with VTAC host a range of information and change of preference seminars, workshops and hotlines. These are a great opportunity to see what new courses have been made available and to discuss your course options.

Check out page 10 for a list of events and support services.

Many institutions offer alternative pathways into study programs

If you didn’t do as well as you hoped, there are still options.

If you have a subject that interests you or a preferred course or institution you wish to attend, you can call the institution and chat about pathways into your desired course. For example, an institution may offer a Diploma that could be used to enter an associated Bachelor Degree later down the track.

Pathway programs are designed to be another entry into tertiary study; you can enter from various points and exit when you have achieved your desired goal.

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