Thank you to ALL those heroes who helped us get to zero covid deaths

Heroes to zero

FINALLY, it’s a nul points for the UK we can all sing about.

For the first time since March last year, the UK recorded ZERO daily Covid deaths yesterday.

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Yes, the milestone is no doubt partly a result of uneven reporting of figures over the Bank Holiday.

And no, this certainly doesn’t mean we’ve seen an end to the heartache of losing more loved ones to the virus.

There will be more hard days to come.

But you have to take your wins when you can get them, so let’s take the opportunity to thank all those who helped get us to this point.

The doctors, the nurses, the NHS support staff, the vaccine scientists, and, yes, even the politicians.

And many more besides.

We reserve a special thank you for all those wonderful Sun readers who, like our own Jane Moore, have joined our Jabs Army to drive the death toll down.

It’s not too late to sign up, and ensure we have many more days like yesterday.

Reality bites

DESPITE usually having a minimal amount of talent, today’s reality TV stars have the power to influence millions of fans online.

How disgusting that some should choose to abuse that power by taking cash to peddle risky financial solutions.

That’s what Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry, TOWIE’s Myles Barnett and Ex On The Beach’s Helen Briggs did when they plugged debt write-off firms to their 4.6million social media followers.

They touted it as a magical quick-fix, conveniently omitting to mention the potentially ruinous long-term consequences that could leave customers unable to get a mortgage or certain jobs.

Many of this grasping trio’s fans are young and impressionable

They deserve better than to be sold down the river for a quick buck by the empty-headed preeners they look up to

Mither of god!

THE woke bandwagon rolls on, crushing common sense beneath its wheels, with the Kent and Indian coronavirus variants being renamed by the World Health Organisation, in case they trigger hate crimes.

Instead variants will now be named after the Greek alphabet, although what happens when they’ve exhausted all 24 letters is anyone’s guess.

It’s a relief to discover the WHO has been using months of its time so wisely by focusing on the important stuff.

The people of Kent can sleep soundly tonight.

Still, it could have been worse, if an ill-conceived idea to name the variants after Greek gods instead had taken off.

Try to stay calm after being told you’ve caught the Hades variant named after the god of death, or even one named after the Greek god of war.

Now that would be a pain in the Ares.


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