The geeks who went to war

Ukrainian geeks who went to war: The unlikely band of videogamers who run top secret ‘Griselda’ unit linked to the death of three Russian generals and targeted hundreds of soldiers

  • EXCLUSIVE: The Mail gets unprecedented access to top secret unit 
  • An unlikely group of videogame coders now help target Russian units 
  • See the full report on the Daily Mail’s YouTube channel 

These are the video game developers who have become an unlikely – but deadly – part of Ukraine‘s war effort.

In the latest episode of their popular YouTube series The Mail’s Richard Pendlebury and Jamie Wiseman got exclusive access to an automated intelligence operation with its roots in Ukraine’s vibrant pre-war computer coding community. 

Codenamed Griselda, the revolution in military intelligence is based in slightly untidy Kyiv flat stocked with fantasy board games. 

From here, its operators sift through reams of data to identify Russian positions and movements. Griselda, it has claimed the lives of hundreds of enemy soldiers and, allegedly, three army generals.

The elite team of academics, eggheads and puzzle solvers who oversee it have drawn comparisons to the codebreakers of Bletchley Park during WWII

Click here to tee the exclusive full report on the Daily Mail’s YouTube channel . 

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