The Queen doesn’t expect palace staff to ‘drop everything’ for her, author says

The Queen doesn’t expect palace staff to drop everything when they spot her, according to an author.

Sophia Bennett said employees might give her a quick nod or curtsy when they see her walking the corridors.

But they can carry on with what they were doing as Her Majesty wouldn’t expect them to stop, she added.

The writer combined her research with years of watching the royals to help her depict the 94-year-old monarch for her novel The Windsor Knot.

Her book imagines the head of the royal family in a detective role, solving crimes on the side while carrying out her official duties.

She told Yahoo Style UK her dad, who was in the Gurkhas and the NHS, has met Her Majesty a dozen times.

"He has various friends and family members who have worked in the royal households, so I can talk to them," she said.

"They are very loyal, I don’t ask for gossip, for me getting it authentically right is important – what does the Queen call people and what does she do on her days off, what she likes.

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"You might see her wandering around Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle.

"If staff see her they might give her a brief nod or curtsy but she does not expect them to drop everything they were doing."

She spoke to people working close to the Queen, with one able to tell her about certain medal ceremonies, she added.

The insider information helped her in one scene in her book, she told the publication.

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She said she first became interested in the royal when she was a child.

It follows claims by a royal author that Prince Charles is "entirely unsuitable" to be a king.

Clive Irving, author of the biography The Last Queen, said it was because the heir has an out-of-date persona.

He told Australia's Today Extra: "I think it is in danger of driving over a cliff as soon as Charles appears.

"It's a curious thing the Queen seems more modern than Charles.

"She seems very much timeless, whereas Charles is fundamentally an 18th-century figure.

"He hates many modern things."

But he added: "That wouldn't be a problem if he didn't try to impose his own taste on other people."

He said it was a "pity" the monarchy can’t "jump straight from the Queen to William".

The author also said she "will likely be the last female monarch in England" as all her immediate successors are male.

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