Thornton man sentenced to 34 years in prison for stabbing death of his girlfriend

A 24-year-old man was sentenced Wednesday to 34 years in prison for the 2018 stabbing death of his girlfriend in Thornton.

Jonathan Akin was sentenced for second-degree murder for the death of 21-year-old Autumn Rivera, according to the Adams County District Attorney’s Office.

On Nov. 27, 2018, Akin walked into the Powell, Wyo., police department and told officers that he had killed Rivera at their Colorado residence and he had driven across the state line with her body in the truck of his vehicle, according to a news release.

Rivera’s body, wrapped in a bed sheet, was found in the trunk and Akin was arrested and extradited to Colorado. Charged with first-degree murder, Akin pleaded guilty on Jan. 22 to second-degree murder, the release said.

Akin stabbed Rivera at their apartment, 2525 E. 104th Ave., in the early morning
hours of Nov. 25, 2018. He claimed to be severely intoxicated and not remember what happened, prosecutors said.

After attempting to clean up blood from the murder, Akin drove to his mother’s home in Wyoming the next day, with Rivera’s body in the trunk, and spent the night, according to the release. On Nov. 27, 2018, he told his mother what happened and then drove to the police station where he turned himself in.

“The forensic evidence tells us that Autumn was stabbed nine times in the front and back of
her torso, that the attack began on one side of the living room and ended on the other, that
Autumn fought and tried to escape,” said Amy Petri Beard, senior deputy district attorney, in the release.

Adams County District Court Judge Priscilla Loew sentenced Akin to the 34-year prison term.

“There’s no replacing the life that was lost,” Loew said, according to the release. “She suffered a horrific death and a painful one.”

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