Three theories behind Sycamore Gap mystery as man in his 60s is arrested alongside boy, 16, over tree at Hadrian's Wall | The Sun

RUMOURS are swirling around why the famous tree at Sycamore Gap was chopped down this week to the devastation of many.

Here are three theories about why the 300-year-old landmark was destroyed – from grudges, to pranks and evictions.

A sacked National Trust worker's grudge

Cops were quick to arrest a 16-year-old boy and man in his 60s after the tree was found felled early on Thursday morning.

The teen was arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage and had yesterday been released on bail while police continued probing the alleged crime.

The man remained in custody overnight.

Devastated locals are already talking about what they think led to the tree being destroyed.

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You’ve got the wrong feller – I didn't chop down famous Sycamore Gap tree


Man in 60s arrested alongside boy, 16, after Hadrian’s Wall tree chopped down

MailOnline reported some residents believed the person who felled the tree was a National Trust worker who had been sacked.

Locals were said to have believed the person stole a chainsaw and other equipment and chopped the tree down as revenge.

Others said the vandal had to have been "a professional who knew where they were going to cut" on a windy night.

They claimed the person would have known the 83mph Storm Agnes could have disguised the sound of a chainsaw.

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A sick TikTok prank

Cops are said to be also probing whether or not the famed tree was felled as part of a sick TikTok prank.

MailOnline last night reported the possibility of such a prank was being looked into.

Speaking after the arrests, Northumbria Police's Detective Chief Inspector Rebecca Fenney-Menzies, said: "'Although another arrest has been made, this investigation is still in the early stages, and we would continue to encourage any members of the public with information which may assist to get in touch.

"If you've seen or heard anything suspicious that may be of interest to us – I'd implore you to contact us.

"I'd also like to remind the public that this remains a live investigation so, for that reason, please avoid any speculation both in the community and on social media.

"Any information – no matter how small or insignificant you think it may be – could prove absolutely crucial to our enquiries."

A tenant farmer evicted from the land

Talks at the local pub suggested a farmer had taken matters into his own hands after an eviction.

One punter at the local pub told The Telegraph: "I heard it was a tenant farmer evicted from his land.

"He threatened he would cut down the tree."



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Northumbria Police confirmed they are keeping an "open mind" as the investigation continues.

The Northumberland National Park authority is also working with officers to unravel the riddle and believe it was "deliberately" cut down.

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