Throuple held after ‘girl, 12, sexually abused in death-themed’ house of horrors

A throuple have been arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl in a death-themed mansion, US reports say.

Brent Cox, 41, is accused of grooming and molesting the child in his dilapidated mansion which has a baby blue hearse containing a casket parked on its drive.

He and his wife Jillian, 36, were reportedly in a relationship and living with another woman, 38, at the property at the time of the alleged abuse in Fresno, California.

The woman has been accused of a sex crime with Cox alleged to have filmed much of the abuse at the house which also has a car parked outside with a model skeleton sitting in its driver's seat.

Fresno County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Brandon Pursell said the child sex abuse images his detectives had discovered were "horrific".

He told the Fresno Bee: "This content is absolutely terrible.

"We have 10s of thousands of images and videos to go through and review. And once we reach a certain threshold, that will increase the charges and Mr Cox’s bail."

The throuple was arrested on February 4 on suspicion of sexually abusing the girl after a tip-off from an unidentified outside source, reports said.

Lieutenant Pursell told Fox26: "They knowingly participated and they knowingly engaged in this."

A subsequent investigation of their electronic devices has led detectives to add child pornography charges to Brent Cox’s rap sheet.

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He is further accused of illegally owning guns, despite previous felony convictions.

His wife has also been charged for allegedly turning a blind eye to her spouse’s illicit weapons stash.

Pursell added: "Their horrific actions with this child are what are going to put them in jail and hopefully keep them in jail for a long time."

The girl said to have been abused was removed from the Cox’s home early in the investigation, and is now said to be in a safe place.

Police say the trio have been remanded in custody pending their next court appearance.

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