Tupac lead detective debunks ‘myth’ rapper was shot five times in NY attack

A lead detective has debunked the “urban legend” associated with the shooting of Tupac Shakur two years before he was murdered.

Tupac was an iconic figure and is considered one of America’s greatest ever rappers, penning lyrics that addressed societal issues and activism.

The rapper was murdered in 1996 aged only 25, when he was shot in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas.

Two years earlier, while in New York, Tupac had been ambushed and claimed to have been shot several times by his attackers.

Greg Kading was brought in to investigate the murders of Tupac and Biggie in 2006, years after their murders, and having had the chance to dig through the original files, he claims to have de-bunked some of the myths around the supposed attempted assassination.

Interviewing the detective on his ‘Anything Goes' podcast, host James English asked whether the 1994 attack was an attempt to rob or kill Tupac.

“No, it was to discipline him,” Greg responded. “They didn’t go there to kill him obviously because they could have killed him if that had been their intention.

“They beat him to discipline him because he was running his mouth about getting paid, and kind of being demanding.”

So, Greg suggested that Jimmy Rosemond, a music manager, had co-ordinated the ambush to show Tupac who was boss.

And, when James argued that shooting Tupac five times could be considered more than sending a message, the detective responded by noting that those facts are “highly disputed”.

“First of all, he was not shot in the head. Most people believe that he was pistol-whipped and suffered some severe lacerations,” Greg continued.

“Had he been shot in the head at point-blank range, there never would have been a Tupac death row, he’d have been dead right there and then.

“He was pistol-whipped over the head, when he tried to pull his own pistol out of his waistband in the heat of the moment, he shoots himself, and that bullet goes through his leg, through his groin… He shoots himself.

“And then of course his hand is lacerated because as he’s grabbing the gun he doesn’t have a proper grip on it – which is one of the reasons why it accidentally discharged – and then the slide came back and sliced his finger in the web of his thumb.

“So the idea that he was shot five times, that’s just urban legend.”

Having set out how he believed Tupac sustained the injuries, Greg claimed that the rapper might have over-exaggerated them publicly to develop his status as a hardman.

He added: “If you’re going to write a song about what happened you’re going to want to make yourself look as bada** as you can, so why not exaggerate it?

“You’re not going to write a song saying, ‘hey I was getting my a** kicked and I shot myself in the balls, you’re not going to say that.”

Despite Tupac’s enormous public profile, no one has yet been convicted for the murder of Tupac, which occurred two years after he was first attacked.

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