UK cold weather forecast: Chilling front to freeze Brits as ‘thundery plume’ lashes nation

UK weather: Met Office forecasts heavy outbreaks of rain

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Netweather forecaster Jo Farrow warned that the UK may be impacted by a “thundery plume” on Thursday before a “cold front” which will “sweep right across the UK”. She said: “Many areas are still crying out for rain. Not just showers, even thundery downpours but ongoing rain. Maybe by night would suit most people, if the combining is finished in the fields.

“There is rain this morning for western areas and over more of southern Scotland and weather fronts will continue to push in from the Atlantic during the day linked to a low-pressure centre which will sit to the northwest.

“Frontal bands will swing our way from that front with another low pressure nipping up from the southwest and possibly developing over Ireland.

“This low and the other one to the northwest interact, it looks like a more significant cold front will sweep right across the UK and could bring a spell of rain to SE England around Thursday.

“The low centre pushes away northwards as high pressure builds in from the southwest.

“This should then bring more settled weather for the end of the week, possibly into the long weekend with lighter winds, fair weather but still some showers about.”

Meanwhile, weather forecast Jim Dale, from British Weather Services, said that a front will move in across the UK bringing more changeable conditions, including rain from the north.

He told that the weather will “go downhill” by midweek as a “front start coming in”.

He added: “What’s tangled up over the north will seep down to the south coming in from the west.

“So it becomes a lot more transient a lot more changeable a lot more mixed.

“Highest rainfall totals over there, it is almost certainly going to be in the north or the west. There will be some rain.”

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Weather forecaster Accuweather warned that river levels are on the rise, saying that “flooding of roads and farmland is possible.”

The rain began last night, with the forecaster warning that further rainfall will continue throughout today.

The public has been advised to avoid using low-lying footpaths and bridges.

The Met Office watned that some parts of the UK will see heavy outreaks of rain.

It added: “With an Atlantic influence to the weather this week showers and longer spells of rain are expected most frequently across western and central areas, though the details on timing of any rain is likely to change through the week.”

Forecaster Alex Deakin said: “There’s more uncertainty than usual in the weather, if you do have plans this week then please do keep up to date as the day-to-day details will be varying.”

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