Ukraine wipes out another two Russian generals with top brass death toll at 12

Another two of Russian president Vladimir Putin's top military brass are said to have been wiped out in a single strike carried out by Ukrainian forces.

The two top-ranking Russian commanders, Lieutenant General Roman Berdnikov, 47, and Major General Roman Kutuzov, were allegedly killed in an ambush in eastern Ukraine.

Their deaths bring the tally of dead Russian top commanders to 12, with Kutuzov's death confirmed by Russia, although no comment has been passed on Berdnikov's death.

The potential death of Berdnikov, a former general in the Russian armed forces in Syria, would bring the total of generals killed in the Russian invasion of Ukraine to a dozen.

Kutuzov and Berdnikov's deaths deal a heavy blow to Putin's war efforts in Donetsk, with the pair allegedly wiped out in one ambush.

Russian state TV reporter Alexander Sladkov announced that the two generals had been killed in the ambush, confirming that their sources claimed Berdnikov died.

Sladkov said: "On the way, presumably on a bridge, the vehicles of the headquarters were attacked by a Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group."

The broadcaster added that part of the Russian convoy had been "destroyed or immobilised," with some vehicles fleeing the scene of the ambush.

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Sladkov continued: "After that, our sources reported that Roman Berdnikov died in this battle.

"A little later, two more sources confirmed this, specifying that other senior officers could have died during the battle. We assume that Berdnikov was in one of the surviving cars, but died during the shelling.

"Those who escaped from the fire could not know the fate of those who remained on the bridge.

"They reported the attack and death of Berdnikov to the headquarters and that part of the convoy remained cut off and was under fire."

The Russian broadcaster also stated that it "quickly became clear" that Kutuzov was among the dead remaining at the bridge, and that his body was found by the Russian military.

Ukraine's ambush of the two generals deals a heavy blow to Putin, whose Russian forces are now reported to have lost 12 top brass and at least 49 colonels during the war in Ukraine.

Russia is quick to classify military deaths as a matter of state secrecy, even in times of peace, with the country yet to update its death toll from the war in Ukraine since March 25.

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