Unbelievable roadside attack unfolds in front of drivers on busy road

Unbelievable roadside brawl involving a shovel, knife and a LOT of blood unfolds in front of terrified drivers on a busy road

  • A brazen roadside brawl shocked motorists at Deer Park, Melbourne on Sunday 
  • Two men and one woman can be seen on video brandishing weapons 
  • One man is knocked unconscious before police were called about 4pm 
  • The investigation is ongoing but remarkably no-one was seriously hurt  

An unbelievable brawl has unfolded in broad daylight in front of shocked drivers, leaving a knife-wielding a man bloodied and bruised after he was hit with multiple weapons – including a shovel.

Police were called to the Station Road and Ballarat Road intersection in Deer Park, Melbourne at 4pm on Sunday afternoon after the brawl between a man and woman – reportedly ex-partners – as well as the woman’s new boyfriend.

Footage of the roadside incident shows a car pulled over on the nature strip already spattered with blood, before the male driver gets out brandishing a large knife. 

Footage shows a woman striking the driver with a shovel in the Melbourne incident (pictured)

A woman then appears and lunges at the man, aged in his 50s, appearing to clip him in the head with a shovel and knocking his sunglasses off.

Witnesses can be heard gasping. 

A second man then appears with a different weapon that appears to be a metal handle of an object and strikes him with that before following up with several punches. 

At one point the first man is knocked unconscious by a blow from the mystery weapon, is hit again while motionless, and is then dragged along the ground. 

Motorists yell at the pair to stop and honk their horns as the woman collects up the weapons before walking away. 

Remarkably, no one was seriously hurt in the fight with one man driving himself to hospital and the second man detained by police at the scene.

Blood can already be seen splattered on the car before the incident unfolds (pictured)

A woman named Chloe, who was not involved in the incident, is understood to be helping investigators. 

The man brandishing the knife is her estranged father and the man and woman are her mother and her new boyfriend, she claimed.

She told 9News she went out to get dinner and witnessed the roadside attack, adding she’s ‘never seen anything like it’.

No charges have let been laid but the investigation is continuing.

One man is knocked unconscious and dragged along the ground and was treated in hospital but is stable (pictured)

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