VIDEO: High-powered pickup truck explodes in a fireball

Moment high-powered pickup explodes in a fireball and sends engine parts flying into the crowd at diesel truck competition

  • Todd Welch hoped to test the power produced by his high performance truck 
  • He said he wanted to get 3,000bhp – compared to the 100bhp on a family car
  • After revving the engine on the dyno, the front of the truck exploded in flames 

This is the amazing moment a high-performance diesel pickup truck explodes while testing its power sending pistons and engine parts flying across the raceway. 

The Cummings Diesel Dodge Ram had been fitted with two massive turbos and a nitrous oxide cylinder to produce additional power during the competition at an Indianapolis raceway. 

Moments later the engine explodes, with one of the pistons from the center of the engine shooting out above the crowd before bouncing off the letter ‘p’ on the Indianapolis Race Way sign.  

Todd Welch of Power Driven Diesel was testing his Dodge Ram with a Cummings diesel engine on a dyno to test the truck’s power input

Welch had been hoping to produce 3,000bhp when the front of his truck exploded 

From inside his truck, Welch said all he could see was a wall of fire outside his windshield 

Todd Welch, who owns the truck, was taking part in a competition to test the power of his engine. He had a target of reaching 3,000bhp, but his engine exploded at 2,369bhp – leaving him in fifth place.  

Fortunately, nobody was injured despite thousands of engine parts being scattered across the pit lane and into the crowd.  

He had prepared his truck for a dyno test for fans at the Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis by hooking up the rear wheels of his truck to a rolling road. 

As the truck, known as The Godfather, goes through the gears, black smoke is pushed out of the exhaust stack on the hood. 

He said by using the twin turbos and a bottle of nitrous oxide he hoped to record 3,000 brake horse power on the back wheels. 

In comparison, a Ford Mustang with a 5.0 V8 petrol will produce 420bhp, while a normal family car would be around 100bhp.  

According to the Power Driven Diesel blog when the truck shifted between third and fourth gear – the nitrous was added – which increases the power produced by the engine and the stress it has to cope with. 

Luckily, nobody was injured in the dramatic explosion, which saw parts of the engine thrown across the pit lane with some parts landing in the crowd. 

Speaking to fans on his blog, Welch said: ‘Well, we’ve blown up another truck.’ 

Parts of the engine were shot into the crowd following the dramatic explosion

He gave details about how he was testing the engine until the point it failed in a most dramatic fashion. 

‘It was really exciting until it blew up. All I saw was a big ball of fire on my windshield. 

‘The fans were cheering when I got out of the truck.’ 

He said one guy at the back said he had one of his pistons. 

During the test Welch is sitting behind the wheel of his truck while a friend was standing by the door holding a computer measuring the engine’s data. 

As soon as the truck exploded, the friend ran from the scene while Welch quickly pulled down the visor on his crash helmet. 

Some members of the pit lane crew quickly doused the flames from under the hood. 

Though footage of the aftermath showed thousands of engine parts strewn across  

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